So who are you really? How do you work with others and how do you prefer to deal with conflict? Learn more about your personality type and your interpersonal needs with The MBTI® and Firo B Instruments. Learn about your conflict handling preferences with the Thomas-Kilmann Conflict Mode Instrument (TKI) or get a deep and in-depth look of your personality with the MBTI® Step II™ Interpretive Report.

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  • MBTI Test - MBTI® Step

    MBTI® Step II™ Interpretive Report

    Get to the core of your personality by exploring the inner workings of what makes up your MBTI® personality type.

    The 17-page MBTI® Step II™ Interpretive Report outlines your personality on a grand scale, providing you with a detailed analysis of the facets that make up your persona. Discover how you best manage conflict, how the different parts of your personality work together to make decisions or gather information, how your personality type best communicates with others, and how you best deal with change in your life. Each broken-down dichotomy of your Myers-Briggs personality type offers you a wealth of information to find out how your personality is formed.

    Download sample MBTI® Step II™ Interpretive Report

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  • Ultimate Personality Package

    The most comprehensive personality assessment package available. Receive three reports with this all-in-one personality development suite of assessments.  Understand and learn about your strengths and identify the components in which you can improve upon.

    With this assessment package, you will gain an in-depth analysis and unsurpassed insight into your personality functions to better understand and develop your innate behaviors. These three all-encompassing reports provide 18 pages of information on how you identify with yourself, how you perceive others, and how others may perceive you. Using this information, you can become a more understanding, balanced individual with reduced stress levels.

    Includes The Following Three Reports:

    • Myers-Briggs Type Indicator® (MBTI®) STEP II Profile
    • Thomas-Kilmann Conflict Mode Instrument™ (TKI™) Profile
    • Fundamental Interpersonal Relations Orientation-Behavior™ Assessment (FIRO-B®)

    Download sample MBTI® Step II™ Profile

    Download sample TKI™ Thomas-Kilmann Conflict Mode Instrument™

    Download sample FIRO-B® Profile

    **An Exclusive Career Assessment Site Package with the reports chosen by our senior staff.

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  • Leadership Report Using the FIRO-B® and MBTI® Instruments

    Assess and maximize your leadership style analysis through the unparalleled use of the combined strengths of the MBTI and FIRO-B assessments as they work in conjunction to provide you with a powerful, clear and concise 12-page leadership report.

    Become the manger and leader you have always aspired to be through a gained self-awareness utilizing this genuine and all-encompassing combination of assessments highlighting your personality type and expressed and wanted interpersonal needs with The Leadership Report Using the FIRO-B® and MBTI® Instruments.

    Download Sample FIRO-B® & MBTI® Leadership Report

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  • FIRO-B® Profile

    Learn how you best work with others through this profile, helping you to succeed in relationships at work and at home.

    Whether you’re looking for direct answers regarding your own communication styles or you’re administering the FIRO-B® test to your employees, much insight is gained in how your team (or yourself) best works in situations with others. With the answers you receive from the FIRO-B profile, you can strive towards creating more efficient, trusting, and beneficial relationships, both at work and at home.

    Download sample FIRO-B® Profile

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  • MBTI® Profile

    Uncover your potential with this profile, providing you with insight into your personality type.

    Ever wanted to know why you act or react a certain way? Wondered what career you would fit best in? Wished to discover how your mind works? A Myers-Briggs® (MBTI®) Profile can start you on the path to answers by mapping out your personality into different categories, allowing you to explore the motives behind your decisions, thoughts, and actions. See the benefits when you take the Myers-Briggs test online.

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  • MBTI® Stress Management Report

    MBTI® Stress Management Report

    Discover your personality type’s ideal stress management techniques to calm your mind and help you on the road to success.

    Everyone handles stress differently, and much of how people react to and deal with stress has to do with their personality at a base level. By discovering your MBTI® personality type’s preferred methods of stress management and developing these to successfully flush out stress where it isn’t necessary, as well as your stress signs and triggers, you’ll learn how to effectively manage stress and use it to your advantage.

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  • MBTI® Interpretive Report

    Take the knowledge of your Myers-Briggs Personality to the next level with a complete and succinct interpretation of your personality type.

    The MBTI® Interpretive report depicts your personality type in a six-page analysis that allows a complete interpretation of the inner-workings of what makes up your type. With the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator® Interpretive Report, you can expect everything that comes with a MBTI Profile as well as an extensive clarification of your results.

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  • three woman talking at a desk

    Thomas-Kilmann Conflict Mode Instrument (TKI) Profile & Interpretive Report

    Learn about your conflict-resolution style to help you resolve problems and issues as effectively as possible.

    Ever wondered how you could best solve problems with others who are so different than you? By learning about your conflict resolution styles as well as others’ preferred ways of solving conflict, you’ll discover how to settle your issues in a timely, effective manner. Use the TKI Profile & Interpretive Report in your business, classroom, or in your personal life to aid you in successful conflict resolution in a variety of situations.

    Download sample TKI Profile and Interpretive Report

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  • MBTI® Step II™ Profile

    Further investigate the intricacies of your personality with this detailed report of your MBTI® type and its features.

    The MBTI® Step II™ Profile further dissects your MBTI® type, providing you with more in-depth information on your personality and preferences. Four pages of detailed graphs show why you received the Myers-Briggs® test four-letter type that you did (given at the beginning of the profile), and what it is about yourself that makes you that type (five detailed subcategories, or facets, for each letter). The information gained from the MBTI Step II Profile can be beneficial to your work life, your relationships, your home life, and your schooling.

    Download sample MBTI® Step II™ Profile

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  • MBTI® Communication Style Report

    Learn to communicate more efficiently by understanding how your personality type best interacts with others.

    Communication skills are highly coveted by organizations and businesses as well as being beneficial in working and personal relationships. Understanding how you best communicate with others can help you efficiently resolve conflict, express yourself, get points across, and interact better overall with the people around you. With the information gained from the MBTI® Communication Style Report, you’ll learn how to best talk and listen in a way that’s advantageous in several areas of your life.

    Download sample MBTI® Communication Style Report

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  • MBTI® Complete

    Discover your personality in a time-efficient and comprehensive way.

    Want to learn about your personality, but don’t want to go through the process of having an interpreter evaluate your results? With the MBTI Complete, you receive a complete breakdown of your MBTI personality, including a thorough online interactive MBTI type verification process. This process allows you to receive your results quickly by downloading your report to your computer immediately upon the completion of your interactive online MBTI experience.

    Download Sample MBTI® Complete® Report

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  • Instrumento de modos de conflicto de Thomas-Kilman Perfil E Informe Interpetativo

    Recibe tu informe en Espanol!

    Conoce tu estilo de resolución de conflictos para ayudarte a resolver los problemas y las situaciones de la manera más eficaz posible.

    ¿Alguna vez te has preguntado cómo podrías resolver mejor los problemas con otras personas que son tan distintas a ti? Si conoces tus estilos de resolución de conflictos, así como las formas en que los demás prefieren solucionarlos, descubrirás la forma de resolver los problemas de una forma oportuna y eficaz. Usa el Perfil e informe interpretativo de TKI en tu negocio, aula o en tu vida personal para ayudarte a resolver los conflictos de manera exitosa en diversas situaciones.

    Descarga el Perfil e informe interpretativo de TKI

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  • 《TKI个人资料和解释报告》

            中接收您的报告 中文!




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  • Thomas-Kilmann Instrument för konfliktläge (TKI)-profil och -tolkningsrapport

    Få din rapport på Svenska!

    Lär dig mer om din konfliktlösningsstil för att hjälpa dig lösa problem så effektivt som möjligt.

    Har du någonsin undrat hur du bäst kan lösa problem med andra som är annorlunda än dig? Genom att lära dig om din konfliktlösningsstil såväl som andras föredragna sätt att lösa konflikter, upptäcker du hur du kan lösa dina problem på ett snabbt och effektivt sätt. Använd TKI-profilen och tolkningsrapporten i ditt företag, klassrummet eller i ditt privatliv för att lyckas med konfliktlösning i olika situationer.

    Ladda ner ett prov på en TKI-profil och tolkningsrapport

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  • Instrumento do modo de conflito de Thomas Kilmann e relatório interpretativo

    Receba seu relatório em língua portuguesa!

    Aprenda sobre o seu estilo de resolução de conflitos para ajudá-lo a resolver problemas e questões da maneira mais eficaz possível.

    Você já se perguntou como poderia resolver melhor os problemas com outras pessoas tão diferentes de você? Ao aprender sobre seus estilos de resolução de conflitos, bem como as formas preferidas de outras pessoas para solucionar conflitos, você descobrirá como resolver seus problemas de maneira oportuna e eficaz. Use o TKI – Relatório Interpretativo de Perfil em sua empresa, sala de aula ou em sua vida pessoal para ajudá-lo a ter sucesso na resolução de conflitos em várias situações.

    Faça o download de uma amostra do TKI – Relatório Interpretativo de Perfil

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  • MBTI® Report for Health Care Professionals

    Are you a healthcare professional? Get better outcomes with this assessment designed just for you!

    This report tailors Myers-Briggs® personality insights to the specific needs of healthcare professionals and organizations. Its detailed action steps can show you how to increase your patients’ satisfaction, improve the quality of your services, and even streamline communication among different care providers and patients.  You will become more aware of how different MBTI® personality types communicate, especially in stressful medical situations. You will also learn how to improve patient interaction to create better outcomes for everyone. This report addresses every aspect of patient care—from how you deliver information to how you can anticipate potential conflicts. Let us help you make a difference today!

    Download sample MBTI® Report for Health Care Professionals

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  • El Informe Interpretativo de MBTI® Step II™

    Recibe tu informe en Espanol!

    Llega al núcleo de su personalidad explorando el funcionamiento interno de lo que constituye su tipo de personalidad MBTI®.

    El Informe Interpretativo de MBTI® Step II™ perfila su personalidad a gran escala, proporcionándole a usted un análisis detallado de las facetas que componen su persona. Descubra cómo su personalidad maneja mejor los conflictos, cómo las diferentes partes de su personalidad trabajan juntas para tomar decisiones o reunir información, cómo su tipo de personalidad se comunica mejor con los demás, y cómo usted enfrenta mejor los cambios en su vida. Cada dicotomía detallada de su prueba MBTI de tipo de personalidad le brinda a usted una gran cantidad de información para averiguar cómo esta formada su personalidad.

     Descargue la muestra del Informe Interpretativo de MBTI® Step II™

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  • Perfil MBTI®

    Recibe tu informe en Espanol!

     Descubra su potencial con este perfil, brindándole la información sobre su Tipo de Personalidad.

    ¿Alguna vez quisiste saber por qué actúas o reaccionas de cierta forma? ¿Se preguntó en qué carrera encajaría mejor? ¿Desea saber cómo funciona su mente? Un perfil de Myers-Briggs® (MBTI®) puede iniciarlo en el camino hacia el exito al evaluar su personalidad en diferentes categorías, lo que le permite explorar los motivos detrás de sus decisiones, pensamientos y acciones. Vea los beneficios cuando realice la prueba Myers-Briggs online.

    Descargar una muestra de Perfil MBTI®

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  • الملف الشخصى لتصنيف مايرز بريغز لأنماط الشخصية البشرية (®MBTI).

    إكتشف قدراتك مع هذا الملف الشخصي، حيثُ سيمنحك نظرةً ثاقبةً فيما يتعلق بنوع ونمط شخصيتك.

    فسواء أكنتّ تريد أن تعرف السبب وراء تصرفك أو تفاعلك بطريقة مُعينة؟ هل تساءلت من قبل عن المهنة التي تُناسبك بشكلٍ أفضل؟ هل ترغب في إكتشاف كيفية تفكيرك؟ فيمكن أن يضعك ذلك الملف التعريفى الخاص بتصنيف مايرز بريغز لأنماط الشخصية البشرية (®MBTI) على بداية الطريق من خلال الإجابات المُقدمة لتحديد نمطْ شخصيتك عبر الفئات والتصنيفات المختلفة، مما يتيح ذلك لك من إستكشاف الدوافع الكامنةُ وراء قراراتك، أفكارك وأفعالك. إطلع على الفوائد لدىّ إجرائك إختبار مايرز بريغز لأنماط الشخصية البشرية عبر الإنترنت.

     تنزيل نموذج للملف التعريفىّ لتصنيف ®MBTI.

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