MBTI® Step II™ Profile


Further investigate the intricacies of your personality with this detailed report of your MBTI® type and its features.

The MBTI® Step II™ Profile further dissects your MBTI® type, providing you with more in-depth information on your personality and preferences. Four pages of detailed graphs show why you received the Myers-Briggs® test four-letter type that you did (given at the beginning of the profile), and what it is about yourself that makes you that type (five detailed subcategories, or facets, for each letter). The information gained from the MBTI Step II Profile can be beneficial to your work life, your relationships, your home life, and your schooling.

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Twenty additional realms of your personality are explored with the MBTI Step II Profile, allowing you to gauge your personality across several different categories. Your four-letter MBTI score (which is first explained) is broken down into further facets, allowing you to more thoroughly understand your personality.

Each MBTI dichotomy includes five subcategories (see below) that help you understand why you were classified as that MBTI type:

  • Extraversion and Introversion: broken into Initiating vs. Receiving, Expressive vs. Contained, Gregarious vs. Intimate, Active vs. Reflective, and Enthusiastic vs. Quiet
  • Sensing and Intuition: broken into Concrete vs. Abstract, Realistic vs. Imaginative, Practical vs. Conceptual, Experiential vs. Theoretical, and Traditional vs. Original
  • Thinking and Feeling: broken into Logical vs. Empathetic, Reasonable vs. Compassionate, Questioning vs. Accommodating, Critical vs. Accepting, Tough vs. Tender
  • Judging and Perceiving: broken into Systematic vs. Casual, Planful vs. Open-ended, Early-starting vs. Pressure-prompted, scheduled vs. spontaneous, and methodical vs. emergent

Furthermore, each facet gives examples of what sort of actions or reactions are common among these facets, as well as to what degree you lean one way or the other. All of the information is provided in easy-to-read graphs so that you may see and understand the intricacies of your personality.

Assessments are completed online from any computer 24 hours a day 7 days a week. Once you make your purchase you will receive a link with instructions to your email account to complete your assessment(s).

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