MBTI® Stress Management Report



Discover your personality type’s ideal stress management techniques to calm your mind and help you on the road to success.

Everyone handles stress differently, and much of how people react to and deal with stress has to do with their personality at a base level. By discovering your MBTI® personality type’s preferred methods of stress management and developing these to successfully flush out stress where it isn’t necessary, as well as your stress signs and triggers, you’ll learn how to effectively manage stress and use it to your advantage.

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With the MBTI® Stress Management Report, you’ll learn about several aspects that go into your personality type’s stresses, as well as what happens to you mentally and physically when you are stressed. You’ll discover:

  • Your behaviors, reactions, and outlook when stress is on your mind
  • Visible and mental signs that you are stressed
  • Triggers in your life that set off your stress
  • The strengths and weaknesses you have when dealing with stress, including those that can just make your stress worse
  • The ways that others can help you respond to and solve stress
  • Methods to control and learn from your stress experiences and not become consumed by them

Your MBTI four-letter personality type offers a wealth of information about your personality and, in turn, your stress management style. Your natural personality characteristics can directly influence how you deal with stress, detailing what makes you uncomfortable, what makes you nervous/unapproachable in certain situations, and what happens to your confidence when you are stressed.

Furthermore, you’ll learn about how other personality types deal with stress, allowing you to mold your needs and/or perceptions of these other types when they are under the gun. You’ll also learn how your stressed-out state can influence how you react to and interact with these other types, and how these other types can support you in these times of stress. With all this information, you’ll learn how to better manage your own stress and recognize the signs of others’ stress.

What Happens After You Make a Purchase?

Once you make your purchase, you will receive an email with a link to complete your assessment(s) within 2-3 business hours. Assessments are completed online from any computer 24 hours a day, seven days a week. If you have purchased for “someone else,” we will email you to obtain basic information regarding your participant, including their first and last name and email address, to send them an email to complete their assessment(s).

Once an assessment is completed, you will receive your results as a PDF document in your email for you to save, share and do as you wish, along with a link to schedule your complimentary telephone or Zoom audio consultation with one of our certified/qualified interpreters to best understand your reports within 24 hours Monday-Friday. If you have completed a Myers-Briggs Assessment, your personality type will be verified for accuracy depending upon your clarity scores during your consultation appointment.

*Please note, DiSC Assessments, The TKI Instrument, IStartStrong Assessment, and The MBTI Complete Assessment do not include consultations.

Bulk Purchases of 10 or more assessments include group consultations.

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