The Myers-Briggs Type Indicator® has been used for decades customizing current and prospective college students with a college path utilizing and focusing on their four-letter personality type allowing for a more individualized college experience. The formidable and well-known Myers-Briggs® test and Strong Interest Inventory® Collegiate tool has been proven to aid current and pre-collegiate students plan their college studies by matching their MBTI® personality with their interests. The significant and powerful Strong Interest Inventory and MBTI Career Report plus Strong College Report matches you with your best-fit college major as well as your best-fit career with a description of your distinct MBTI personality type features.

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  • MBTI® Career Report + Strong & MBTI Combined Career Report + Strong College Edition Profile

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    Use these reports to find a fulfilling career that matches with your personality and interests, and develop a College plan for achieving that career.

    Set yourself up on the path to a career that fits with your MBTI® personality type as well as your interests and preferences. With these three reports, you’ll discover the ideal career for who you are at a base level, offering you a future of satisfying and fulfilling employment. In addition, find out which College Majors suit your interests and career goals.

    Download sample MBTI® Career Report
    Download sample Strong & MBTI Combined Career Report + Strong College Edition Profile Report
    Download sample Strong Interest Inventory® College Edition Profile Report

  • Strong Interest Inventory® & MBTI® Combined Career Report + Strong College Edition Profile

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    Choose a college major that works best with your interests, and then plan a rewarding career to follow your college career.

    You’ll start college off right with knowledge on applying your interests and preferences to college majors and receive a detailed depiction of how your ideal career will mature if you work toward success. With the Strong Interest Inventory® & MBTI® Combined Career Report and the Strong College Edition Profile, you’ll set yourself up for success throughout college and into your career after graduation.

    Download sample Strong Interest Inventory® & MBTI® Combined Career Report + Strong College Profile

  • MBTI® College Edition Profile + Strong College Edition Profile

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    Start college off on the right foot with this custom package offering you insight into your personality as well as your interests and preferences, and use this information to find which college direction best fits with who you are.

    College is a time of discovery, where you’re learning who you are and what you like—it’s also the perfect time to discover your MBTI® personality type and explore your interests in preferences with the Strong Interest Inventory®. With this package, you’ll be able to shape your course load, extracurriculars, study habits, communication techniques, and college major choices around your personality, your likes, and your dislikes.

    Download sample MBTI® College Profile
    Download sample Strong College Profile

  • mbti_ColPro

    MBTI® College Edition Profile

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    Using the MBTI® test’s four letter components, discover the collegiate major and subsequent occupational path that will provide you with optimal success, both in the workplace and in your personal life.

    The MBTI College Edition Profile is a great tool for any student or soon-to-be student who is unsure of what direction he or she should take as they head into one of the biggest milestones of their life. This profile provides understanding and insight into your personality, allowing you to discover what you are best at and what sort of occupation you can succeed in further down the road.

    Download sample MBTI® College Edition Profile

  • mbti_ColPro

    MBTI® College Edition Interpretive Report

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    Learn more about your MBTI® test results and how you may use them to benefit your college experience.

    With the extra information and further details given with the Myers-Briggs College Edition Interpretive Report, you will develop a new understanding on how you work and how you think, allowing you to choose a college major or course load that accurately reflects your personality—ultimately preparing you for a satisfying career in your future.

    Download Sample MBTI® “College Edition” Interpretive Report