How can the The Myers-Briggs Type Indicator® Assessment (MBTI®) help you overcome a career crossroad, a search for your first career when entering the workforce for the first time or just wanting to change careers because you have little content and pleasure at your current job?

Perhaps you are Extraverted and not Introverted? if this is the case, in a nutshell, you can see that a career whereas you work alone without any interaction with others would be difficult for you, and frankly more like a punishment then a career you can feel great about.

On the flip side, perhaps you are assessed as an Introverted Type. A career that allows you to work in smaller focus groups with some alone time to process information internally is much more suitable than say a career in sales, which generally does not make an Introvert very comfortable and hence will probably lead to a lack of success and happiness at work.

The MBTI® has been a proven aid in career searches for many years across the globe. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to unveil your true career passion as it relates to your innate personality type with MBTI Career Indicators.

The approach of applying your four letter MBTI personality type to what may be your best fit career has brought millions of individual’s career satisfaction and happiness. Additionally, the inclusion of assessing your interests through The Strong Interest Inventory with your MBTI personality type makes this partnership of assessments the most powerful career tool available.

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What Myers-Briggs Career Tests can do for you.

Searching for the perfect career can be a daunting process. There are so many different paths to consider, and the choices can be overwhelming. Many people spend countless hours and thousands of dollars on an education for a career that may or may not be suitable for their innate personality behaviors.

For example, a person may think they want to work toward a career as a doctor yet find out years later that they are working against their innate preference of disliking working with other people. They then might find out they were better suited for working alone in a lab conducting medical research instead. The difficult situation is that these types of realizations often are made after many years of hard work and frustration. Many people are left feeling “stuck” in a position that causes them a great deal of daily stress. This disconnect can also lead to “job hopping”, as an individual may tend to try on many different roles to find one which suits their desires.

To avoid this type of feeling of occupational confinement (or spontaneity), a person can take a Myers-Briggs Career Assessment to gain insight to the careers that may be best suited for their personality, and therefore build a career giving them happiness and longevity. Some of the questions the MBTI assessment can help answer are:

  • What type of environment is best suited for my personality type?
  • Do I like working on complex problems or am I better suited for design and craftsmanship?
  • Am I at my best when I can focus on the big picture or the minor details?
  • Do I like flexibility, or would my work excel when given tight deadlines?
  • Are my occupational goals aligned with my innate personality behaviors?

These are just a few of the many questions that the Myers-Briggs Career Report can provide insight into. This widely used, established career tool has many other features. It provides a starting point for career exploration by listing the most attractive job families in which others with similar behavioral preferences have reported to find happiness, as well as the most popular occupations these people tend to attain career longevity and staying power. It also lists careers that are likely to create a more stressful, less preferred environments that a person may want to avoid. It provides action steps for moving forward, career trends to look out for, and even methods for how to create a life of happiness when choosing a career path that may not completely line up with a person's innate preferences.

Gaining such information about oneself reduces many years of stressful work environments for an individual and can provide a person with many more opportunities for promotion and other successes. This assessment can help point your career search in the right direction and help you narrow down your choices, giving you a less stressful, uncomplicated, clearer picture of your dreams and more understandable methods for achieving them.

If you are looking for even more information, you can combine the Myers-Briggs Career Report with another renowned assessment- The Strong Interest Inventory to learn how your innate personality preferences align with your likes and dislikes. For example, think back to our idea of the doctor who found a dislike for working with others throughout his/her or their day. This individual may have still shown interest in the medical and science field as well as shown a work style as preferring to work alone in Their Strong Interest Inventory results as clear or midrange, however when combined with The Myers-Briggs Career Test they would have found an innate (born with) behavioral preference for Introversion as a concrete part of their personality. In-turn having them lean even more toward an independent work environment. The Strong Interest Inventory and Myers-Briggs combination career and college Reports, that is a combination of your interests, and your personality type is the most complete and effective career and college report available today.