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  • DiSC® Agile EQ™

    Expand on your DiSC® behavioral style results with an appreciation of how to apply what you have learned to develop your emotional intelligence. This report serves as a strategy-enhancing tool for managing change and provides participants with methods for responding to workplace situations using a quick and respectful reaction, taking others’ interpersonal requirements into mind. This agility allows for better team collaboration and can increase cooperative productivity, individual adaptability, and overall positive workplace culture.

    Organizations can use the DiSC® Agile EQ™ Report Assessment to:

    • Learn strategies for improving interactions with others by quickly responding to social situations.
    • Gain insights for reaching outside of established comfort zones.
    • Establish methods for accepting change and improving adaptability responses.
    • Understand differing mindsets and approaches to situations within an organization.
    • Learn how innate behavioral style preferences can be beneficial or harmful in collaborative environments.

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  • DiSC® Management Profile

    Leadership can be the most elemental factor when creating a positive organizational culture. This is because the behaviors of the management and executive team often are mirrored by subordinate coworkers. Understanding one’s management style and innate preferences that make up their style, can elevate organizational efficiency to new heights. The DiSC® Management Profile is a tool to do just that.  It is an expansion of the DiSC® Profile, adding valuable information to a person’s standard DiSC® scores, by explaining where a person’s energy is generally placed when in a management role. It is an informative report designed to help employees, managers, leaders, and executives gain a better understanding of how their personality shapes their working climate.

    Organizations can use the DiSC® Management Profile Report Assessment to:

    • Understand the strengths and challenges of a reported style when directing and delegating.
    • Learn about motivational factors which may influence one’s management style.
    • Gain perspective for modifying an established approach when developing others.
    • Learn about how others may perceive a manager’s innate methods for leading.
    • Educate employees on how to cooperatively work best with managers who assess with a different DiSC® personality type than their own.

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  • DiSC® Productive Conflict Profile

    There are many methods for perceiving and resolving organizational conflicts. The innate behaviors a person tends to project when faced with conflict can be modified if the behaviors are acknowledged and understood. The DiSC® Productive Conflict Profile is a report that can help an individual gain an understanding of underlying justifications for these behaviors. It is an expansion of the DiSC® Profile, adding valuable information to a person’s standard DiSC® scores, explaining where focus would be placed when faced with conflicts. It is a powerful, interactive tool that is best used in organizations wanting to increase their communication and productivity, as well as, learn more about each other in order to decrease conflict in a constructive manner.

    Organizations can use the DiSC® Productive Conflict Profile Report Assessment to:

    • Improve self-awareness of adverse behaviors which promote unproductivity.
    • Assist with positive communication tactics when team members are presented with disagreements.
    • Gain perspective of different behavioral methods in order to modify innate objectives.
    • Learn ways for choosing productive responses by reframing automatic thoughts.
    • Recognize how and why some methods for handling conflict tend to be effortless, while others demand forethought.

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  • DiSC® Sales Profile

    The DiSC® Sales Profile is an expansion of the DiSC® Profile and is ideal for professionals who are looking to learn more about how their personality can influence their sales tactics. This personalized report outlines the Everything DiSC® Sales Map to give the participant a brief overview of how expressed priorities (areas where most energy is placed) affect a person’s sales experience during situations both when purchasing and selling. It is a great tool for identifying an individual’s strengths and provides a means for adapting innate personality characteristics to find strategies for best utilization of such in order to influence the decisions of individuals who may report with alternate personality habits.

    Organizations can use the DiSC® Sales Profile Report Assessment to:

    • Improve customer interaction strategies by learning to recognize differing personalities purchasing habits.
    • Learn behaviors that each DiSC® personality type tends to use when approached by a purchasing opportunity.
    • Enhance sales strategies by learning methods for adapting established behaviors generally used when approaching others.
    • Develop an action plan for elevating a customer’s sales experience.
    • Expand on current knowledge of how personality shapes your organization’s culture and increase the ability to match sellers with consumers based on compatible personality behaviors.

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  • DiSC® Work of Leaders Profile

    Quality leadership is essential for building a dedicated team. Individuals working toward a common goal tend to produce positive results when communication between leaders and subordinates is placed at the forefront of an organization’s priorities. This communication is elevated when a person has a greater understanding of the leadership style they innately use when interacting with others. Many leaders have a vision for what they want to achieve. The DiSC® Work of Leaders Profile is a tool to capture that vision in order to find methods for effectively carrying out tangible means of executing their objectives. It is an expansion of the DiSC® Personality Profile, adding valuable information to a person’s standard DiSC® scores, by explaining where a person’s energy is generally placed when holding a leadership role. It is an informative report designed to help individuals gain a better understanding of how their innate behaviors and personality influence others.

    Organizations can use the DiSC® Work of Leaders Profile Report Assessment for participants to:

    • Learn how innate behaviors affect their leadership style.
    • Develop self-awareness to find motivational factors driven by behavior.
    • Realize their leadership strengths and recognize areas of challenge, in order to modify behaviors for optimization of building productive leadership methods.
    • Expand on the DiSC® model by using personalized results for behavioral development.
    • Understand personality expressions of others who may assess in alternate DiSC® styles.

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  • DiSC® Workplace Profile

    Used by Fortune 500 companies, improve your bottom line by getting to know your Employees, Managers, Work Teams, and Prospective Employees! Get ahead of the competition by improving communication, collaboration, managerial and leadership efficiency, and conflict resolution with this high-powered assessment.

    Organizations can use the DISC Workplace Profile Report Assessment to:

    • Improve communication and collaboration among team members.
    • Enhance Executive leadership and managerial efficiency.
    • Enhance conflict resolution and better understand different perspectives.
    • Ascertain and enhance employees’ strengths and areas for improvement.
    • Aid in the recruitment and selection of new employees by choosing prospects with the desired characteristics and the innate workplace behavior you are looking for.

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