MBTI® Complete

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Discover your personality in a time-efficient and comprehensive way.

Want to learn about your personality, but don’t want to go through the process of having an interpreter evaluate your results? With the MBTI Complete, you receive a complete breakdown of your MBTI personality, including a thorough online interactive MBTI type verification process. This process allows you to receive your results quickly by downloading your report to your computer immediately upon the completion of your interactive online MBTI experience.

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This all-encompassing assessment and automated interpretation offers you a time-saving result-producing guide to your personality as it relates to your personal life, other people, and the workplace. Understanding the characteristics of your MBTI personality type, how your type tends to interact with others and at work, as well as knowing your personality types potential blind spots can help you structure or restructure your life or career accordingly to live up to your full potential and be happy.

Each person who takes part in the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator® assessment will learn about how their personality type works and what each of the letters and dichotomies represent for their specific type. You’ll receive a four-letter MBTI personality type, a preference clarity index to see how you fit into each letter, a detailed description of your four-letter type and its attributes, a section offering insight into how you react to and interact with others and how you best function in the workplace, and certain weaknesses that may be present due to the function of your personality type. Furthermore, as stated, you’ll go beyond just the assessment and receive an in-depth automated learning and interpretive experience to further explain your results.

With the information obtained from the MBTI Complete, you’ll be able to:

  • Understand your personality type and preferred work styles
  • Discover the potential problems that could arise between you and other individuals, and work towards addressing these issues
  • Use your newfound knowledge of yourself to better excel in the workplace
  • Receive in-depth information regarding your personality without having to consult with someone over the phone

Assessments are completed online from any computer 24 hours a day 7 days a week. Once you make your purchase you will receive a link with instructions to your email account to complete your assessment(s).

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