Flagging an individual’s career interests, the Strong Interest Inventory® (SII) is a widely-used career assessment tool that provides insights into potential career paths. Looking for help with the Strong Interest Inventory®, the quintessential things to keep in mind is where to successfully complete this assessment with great ease using a user-friendly platform, make sure you are completing and receiving the genuine, proven, and validated Strong Interest Inventory assessment and that it is being administered by a certified Level-B Assessment Interpreter- be this an individual, company or organization.

Online Assessment Service Providers:

Delivering many benefits- including the instant gratification of fast results, the most popular option today is a digital assessment taken 100% online. Enhancing the advantages the digital version offers, The Strong Interest Inventory career, college, and High School Assessments provided by the Career Assessment Site can be taken at any convenient time, 24/7. Upon completion, a PDF copy of your report/results is available to share and save as you prefer. All results are kept on a confidential server and can only be seen by yourself and your certified interpreter. Once you complete your assessment, a complimentary interpretation session is provided to you so that you may best understand your Strong Interest Inventory Report(s).

With several standalone websites that offer digital versions of the Strong Assessment in the marketplace,  prices for tests and interpretation services vary. The Strong can be found from $55, including an interpretation, while others may charge as much as $300 or more. Assessing value for money is key. At times, individuals may feel that an administrator is not as proficient in the SII due to the fact that they have reasonable pricing. However, it is important to understand that this is not necessarily the case, and many online administrators are quite professional, knowledgeable, and helpful at a lower cost than others.


  • Strong Interest Inventory® Interpretive Report

    Delve deeper into what your interests, hobbies, favorite topics, and locations can mean for your career and personal life with the help of this extensive and personalized Strong profile.

    Your Strong Interest Inventory® Interpretive Report starts with the same foundational information found in the Strong Interest Inventory Profile, but goes even further into analyzing your likes and dislikes by offering you a detailed look at how following your interests and preferences can help you lead a more fulfilling, satisfied life. The report presents you with the closest matched occupations for people with your interests, an in-depth breakdown of certain areas matched to your Strong Interest Inventory test results, and insight into your likes and dislikes.

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Where To Take the Strong Interest Inventory® Assessment (Continued)

Licensed Counselors or Career Coaches:

Offering the Strong Interest Inventory® as part of their services, career development professionals, counselors at colleges and universities, and private career coaches offer this assessment. Consider checking with these professionals in your area or at educational institutions near you.

Who Can Benefit from the Strong Interest Inventory?

Learn Where To Take The Strong Interest Inventory assessment.

College or University Career Centers:

Offering the Strong Interest Inventory® to their students, many higher education institutions make these available at a nominal cost. Being limited to in-house participants, it’s worth exploring this option if you’re a student attending a college or university by inquiring at their career center.


Fostering employee welfare, certain companies offer the Strong Interest Inventory® to employees as part of a professional development or career planning program. Checking with the HR department will confirm whether this is an option. Normally, a Human Resources Department reaches out to an online administrator to provide assessments to their employees and managers. This is often done by purchasing assessments in bulk to retain a discounted rate from online providers.

Professional Organizations:

Harnessing their members’ resources, there are professional organizations that are related to career development- such as the National Career Development Association (NCDA), who circulate information or resources about accessing the SII. Joining their mailing lists or emailing them directly often imparts useful information.

Workshops and Seminars:

Scouring the local online ads or local newspapers can reveal nearby workshops, seminars, or short courses that are focused on career development that use the Strong Interest Inventory® as part of their program. Actively look for events in your area, or ask friends and colleagues who may know of them.

Don’t Forget the Post-Assessment Consultation:

Leaving out a consultation session with a qualified or certified professional after taking the Strong Interest Inventory® is not ideal. Facilitating interpretation- helping you to understand your results, the assessor delivers enlightening information on potential career paths based on your scores. Omitting this- as some platforms or professionals do, will mean scheduling a separate consultation to get the maximum benefit from the Strong Interest Inventory®.

Career building takes a lot of thought, and fostering a new career means strategically honing in on your skill set. Providing a path to better opportunities, as in making the right decisions when making a career change, can mean long-term prosperity for you and your family.

However, all the will in the world won’t work unless the decisions are aligned with an individual’s dreams and values while resonating with one’s core values. Jobs, even well-paying prestigious careers that pay the bills and then some but are out of character, turn life into a difficult daily grind, detracting from embracing satisfaction and the joy of living an authentic life. If you are not fond of your current job, frustration and resentment can ensue in the workplace, which means that it’s only a matter of time before your workplace peers, co-workers, and managers take notice of this, usually ending this job in a not-so-great manner. That is by resignation, or worse, by being fired or dismissed from your job, which will not look great on your resume or employee record, and you can most likely forget about a letter of recommendation from this place of business.

Finding a career that you relish, that suits your values and expectations, is just as, if not more important than, the terms and conditions of a specific job opportunity. Yet how many people do you know who fall into a career almost at random? Sometimes serendipity steps in, delivering a job to be passionate about, or at least one that aligns with your preferred career path. But finding it is hit-and-miss, often leading to an increasing sense of dissatisfaction over time, and it doesn’t work for everyone. Being blessed with a zealous love of model railroads, listening to music, or something else that you are unlikely to monetize easily is also unlikely to be a boon to your career.

The first step to creating a worthwhile career path is to take a career assessment such as The proven and valid Strong Interest Inventory assessment and Myers-Briggs Combined Career Report, which can help by combining your workplace interest levels with your personality type to find your best-fit careers.

Whether you are exploring a new career or just starting out in the workforce, you need the right tools. Understanding your career interests, workplace preferences (for instance, do you prefer to work alone or with others), and how you prefer to relate to your fellow employees and managers is all included in The Strong Interest Inventory® Report. In order to fulfill your career goals, one must gain as much information as possible, while researching and having introspection and career assessments can be a great asset in these endeavors.