Myers-Briggs® MBTI Test ESTP Types and Leadership

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Being aware of the Myers-Briggs® type indicator test personality type can drastically affect who you are as a leader. Knowing the ins and outs of who you are as an individual can help you to regulate and motivate yourself allowing you to become a more skilled and respected leader. This week we will be learning about how to engage and inspire others to accomplish your organization’s objectives by focusing on your unique abilities as an Extroverted Sensing with Introverted Thinking  (ESTP) MBTI® type. (Richmond, 2008, CPP Inc.)

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In order to become a true leader you must have the ability to look at the bigger picture. Richmond refers to this as being “dual minded”. His concept “constantly balances and blends opposing views”, allowing for a continual shift of attention between outwardly opposing components, centering on not just one element, but many. ESTPs have a unique approach to leadership that is derived from their pragmatic approaches that focus on obtaining immediate results. They excel by utilizing their intrinsic ability to act quickly and confidently, assessing the risks in the moment and adapting without hesitation. (Richmond, 2008, CPP Inc.)

ESTP’s excel as leaders by applying their ability to think rationally, considering the costs and consequences of different strategies. They succeed by having an intense sense of realism, acting rapidly, benefiting from opportunities as they arise. Using their magnetic personality that attract others to join them, ESTP’s then inspire the surrounding entities to follow them by being direct with feedback, and excelling at mediating while also giving others motives to put forth their best efforts. ESTPs’ action oriented personalities allow them to be practical, grounded, resourceful troubleshooters who are quick to act to remove obstructions. This allows for a productive and rapid completion of tasks. (Richmond, 2008, CPP Inc.)

As with any personality type, ESTP’s face many obstacles in their journeys to become skilled leaders. They frequently overly focus much on the here-and-now and in solving the immediate issue at hand, allowing the long-term view to go by the wayside. ESTP’s tend to underestimate exasperated people by seeing them as “complainers” rather than as valuable sources of feedback. In addition, Myers-Briggs ESTP types can be too direct with their responses, failing to appreciate the variance in what inspires others, and be irritated with others’ individual desires. Constant improvement will allow them to overcome these obstacles and become far superior leaders. (Richmond, 2008, CPP Inc.)

It is crucial that, as an ESTP, you lead by example, giving a reason for the people around you to put forth their best efforts. You can accomplish this by developing additional skills that are outside your comfort zone, broadening your horizons. By acknowledging this, and by focusing your energies on streamlining these leadership tactics and being less tangential, you and other MBTI Test ESTP types can become excellent leaders. (Richmond, 2008, CPP Inc.)

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