Learn About The Strong Interest Inventory® Career Assessment

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The Strong Interest Inventory® assessment represents the measurement of interests for educational and career planning. The theory behind this assessment is based on the pattern of one’s interests and the correlation to choices for career placement or career development. This assessment has been revised for both validity and reliability, as well as for content and structure continually over the course … Read More

Choose A College Efficiently, In An Age Of Increasing Costs

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For many individuals efficiently choosing a college can be one of the most important and daunting tasks that they experience. Important questions come up. What major to choose? Public or Private institution? In-state or out-of-state college? All these factors are made more complicated by the constantly increasing costs associated with a college education. With all these factors it is important … Read More

College Major Assessment: Examining MBTI® Writing Styles for College

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The College students of today face a highly competitive environment where there never seems to be enough time to catch up on everything that needs to get done.  Outside of studying for tests, a college student will spend a large amount of their collegiate time writing papers and reports. Keeping this in mind, it is in a college students’ best … Read More

College Major Assessment: How Do College Students Learn Best?

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College Major Assessments Learning & The Eight Dichotomies: Extraversion, Introversion, Sensing, Intuition, Thinking, Feeling, Judging, and Perceiving. Everyone learns differently. The world is split into 16 different Myers-Briggs® (MBTI®) Personality Types, hence we learn in 16 different ways. Of course these learning styles still vary slightly, though our innate preferred learning style, that is how we were born to learn, … Read More

How MBTI® Personality Types Choose College Majors

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The MBTI Test and College Majors MBTI® Types vary in many ways and this holds true for their college major selection process. Whether it is which college majors they choose, or the decision-making process they go through to choose such college majors, college students vary in both processes. We have previously discussed the varying choices of college major curriculum by … Read More

Strong Interest Inventory® College Edition test : How This Report Can Help Pick College Majors

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The Strong Interest Inventory® College Edition contains important information for High School juniors, seniors and College Students. This information includes college majors that coincide with each individual’s test results. Lists of college majors are listed for each test taker, which coincide with their interests. The Strong Interest Inventory test areas of which college majors are based on include: Artistic    Students … Read More

MBTI® Test Type and College Learning Styles

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     As a college student, it is important for you to know how you best learn and in what setting you best process academic information. College student’s MBTI® test personality type differ in behavior,  and each college student’s Myers-Briggs Type Indicator® Type differs as much in learning style. Some people learn best by attending lectures, others by reading, some study … Read More

MBTI® Test and College Dating: How Your MBTI Test Results Can Shed Light on Your Relationships

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MBTI® Test and College Dating The MBTI® test can help you with your academics, but its uses do not stop there. Are you looking to date in college? When you purchase a Myers-Briggs Type Indicator® Report for career and academia you can use your results on a personal level as well. That’s right: two for one results! After you review your major … Read More

MBTI® Test and Choosing College Majors

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In our last post, we discussed How to Use The Myers-Briggs Type Indicator® test (MBTI® test) to Make Decisions in College. Now that we know the MBTI Type is reliable through college and well after, how can you use that information in choosing a college major? Have your MBTI test results handy, and use the information below to learn more about your … Read More

The MBTI® Test and Making Decisions in College

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How do I know my results will be right for me later? College students often wonder whether their personality type will change after their graduation. As stated in Introduction to Type in College (CPP, 2003), the longevity of Myers-Briggs Type Indicator® college student personality typing has been proven reliable, most recently in a study in which college students were tested … Read More

MBTI® Test and Collegiate Decisions: Complete The Myers-Briggs Type Indicator® and Choose a College Major

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MBTI® Test and Collegiate Decisions Generally, college and university students choose majors in specific ways that adhere to what they believe will be their best choice at landing a post-graduate job and career. According to the text, Introduction To Type in College, the first and last letters of your Myers-Briggs Type Indicator® personality test type usually equate to how you … Read More