Leadership Report Using the FIRO-B® and MBTI® Instruments


Assess and maximize your leadership style analysis through the unparalleled use of the combined strengths of the MBTI and FIRO-B assessments as they work in conjunction to provide you with a powerful, clear and concise 12-page leadership report.

Become the manger and leader you have always aspired to be through a gained self-awareness utilizing this genuine and all-encompassing combination of assessments highlighting your personality type and expressed and wanted interpersonal needs with The Leadership Report Using the FIRO-B® and MBTI® Instruments.

Download Sample FIRO-B® & MBTI® Leadership Report


Combine your powerful MBTI® four letter personality type with your FIRO-B interpersonal relations behavior in this all inclusive combination leadership report. Utilize the learned knowledge of your wanted and expressed wants and needs and apply your results to become a more efficient and effective leader in the workplace. See your leadership style through the MBTI “Lens” and FIRO-B “Filter” for a truly incredible perspective of yourself with an unprecedented self-awareness of how you function with others in and out of the workplace.

This highly effective report includes an overview of your FIRO-B and MBTI results. It includes what role you take on in an organization, facets of your leadership style, how you motivate, contribute, make decisions, what values are important to you, your leadership approach, your patterns of need for fulfillment, control and affection and much more.

Additionally, discover how frequently you take on the roles of “The Clarifier”-often presenting issues and summarizing discussions; “The Director”-pushing for action and decision-making; and “The Encourager”-how diplomatic, warm and encouraging you are towards others.

*You do not need to know your MBTI® Four-Letter Type to receive this report. The generation of your MBTI® Type is included in the price if this assessment.

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