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MBTI® Team Report


Start building and strengthening your team today with this action-oriented report

Myers-Briggs personality types are not just for individuals! They can also provide invaluable insights into the dynamics of your team, department, or organization. This report addresses every aspect of team function—from individual contributions, to group dynamics, to professional development. Identify your team’s MBTI® type and start streamlining communication and optimizing your productivity right away with concrete action-steps. You’ll also receive personalized MBTI® details and action plans for each individual team member, so each of you has all the tools you need to become a better team player, as well as workshop outlines to work together better than ever. Boost your team’s efficiency today with this comprehensive report and create better outcomes for everyone!

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This updated MBTI® Team Report is designed to promote team cooperation, efficiency, and productivity by balancing team operations with individual contributions. First, it summarizes team strengths and challenges, and offers concrete techniques for facilitating problem solving and handling conflicts among team members. Then, since every team is comprised of individuals, this report also offers personalized tips for every individual in your team based on their own MBTI® personality type. It even contains workshop planning resources, complete with a Team Facilitator Report that can help you design a workshop that highlights the points that will boost your team’s performance the most.

This report is specifically designed for organizational teams, and it does all of the following and more:

  • Presents and interprets MBTI® test results for the overall group as well as personalized MBTI® Team reports for each individual team member
  • Details team and individual strengths and challenges, and how to use them to improve workplace relationships
  • Compares the team’s problem solving style with those of individual team members
  • Identifies areas of improvement and suggests specific behavioral changes that will help you optimize your functioning
  • Presents specific action plans to improve the effectiveness of the team overall as well as that of individual team members
  • Increases your awareness of your communication, and helps you anticipate challenges before they occur
  • Can be used for teams from 3 to 125 Individuals, each with their own report along with the facilitators report.

Let the MBTI® Team Report show you how you can improve your team’s effectiveness, develop stronger workplace communication, and ultimately improve your output. Gain an edge over your competition by optimizing your functioning today!

*Please Note: A purchase is required for each team member. Each team member must have their own team report.

Assessments are completed online from any computer 24 hours a day 7 days a week. Once you make your purchase you will receive a link with instructions to your email account to complete your assessment(s).

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