FIRO-B® Test Team Results, Behavior and Team Conflict

Jonathan Bollag, Owner and FounderFIRO, Team Culture

Though your FIRO-B® test results do not necessarily directly cause team conflict, they can reinforce certain types of problematic situations and lay the groundwork for unhealthy conflict.  As a team leader, or team member, you want to understand what specific issues can arise from each team member’s FIRO-B interpersonal needs. With this information, you will be able to better recognize … Read More

The FIRO Business® Assessment Can Improve Your Work Environment

Leon Jesmanowicz, Vice-PresidentBusiness and Leadership, FIRO, Leadership

“Knowledge is power”, and knowing yourself is a powerful tool when optimizing your work and business environment.  The FIRO Business® Assessment was created in order to target interpersonal needs as specifically related to your workplace behavior.  Regardless of whether you are a manager, group or specialist, you can benefit from learning what your specific needs are, and how they relate … Read More

MBTI® and FIRO-B® Leadership Report: How This Can Help You Be A More Effective Leader and Manager

Jonathan Bollag, Owner and FounderBusiness and Leadership, FIRO, Leadership, MBTI, Personality Type, Resources, Team Culture

The Leadership Report Using The FIRO-B® and MBTI® test begins with an explanation of your leadership style according to your Myers-Briggs® personality type.  This Report is based on The FIRO® test and The MBTI test, the most widely used personality assessment in the world that has been proven to be the best personality test as well as an occupational test to determine … Read More

Boost Employee Efficiency With The FIRO-B® Test Interpretive Report For Organizations

Jonathan Bollag, Owner and FounderBusiness and Leadership, Careers, FIRO, Leadership, Resources, Team Culture

Do you want to know which of your employees are more effective team members and which are more efficient working alone? Do you wonder, as a manager, which employees to place on organized teams and which employees to assign independent tasks? Do you want to know which employees function more efficiently with more control over their workplace and which seem … Read More

FIRO-B® and The FIRO Business®: How Your Best-Fit Needs Preference Equate to On-the-Job and Personal Success

Jonathan Bollag, Owner and FounderBusiness and Leadership, FIRO, Leadership, Resources

The differences between The Fundamental Interpersonal Relations Orientation Behavior Report  and The Fundamental Interpersonal Orientations Business Report  lies in the type of need each report measures. As stated in the Career Assessment Site Blog entitled, “The Firo Assessments: Honing in on Your Interpersonal Wants and Needs,” the FIRO-B® test measures your need for Inclusion, Control, and Affection. On the other hand, … Read More

The FIRO-B® Test: Honing in on Your Interpersonal Wants and Needs

Jonathan Bollag, Owner and FounderFIRO

The Fundamental Interpersonal Relations Orientation-Behavior assessment, also known as the FIRO-B® test, was originally created by William Shutz in 1958. Shutz believed that we all have needs that exist in varying degrees over and above our basic needs for food, clothing and shelter. His work and conclusions rallied around the thesis that our interpersonal relations and how we want to interact … Read More