The Myers-Briggs® ENTP Personality Type and Project Management

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Depending on your Myers-Briggs Type Indicator® (MBTI®) Personality type, you may find yourself working on projects in a completely different way from your peers—you may find that you succeed at the scheduling and formatting components of a project or work better by yourself as opposed to in a group. This phenomenon can be better understood by educating yourself on your MBTI Type. In this post, we’ll focus on the project management preferences and tendencies of Extraverted Intuition with Introverted Thinking (ENTP) types, and how they can best succeed in projects.

In this circumstance, we define a project as “a temporary endeavor, undertaken to create a unique product or service,” with “a definite beginning and a definite end.” (Tucker, 2008, CPP) MBTI ENTP Types often enjoy (and succeed in) the idea generation and idea evolution part of projects, allowing each new discovery to influence the growth of the project. They are big-picture thinkers, imagining their project in relation to other concepts and developments affected by it.

Myers-Briggs ENTP Personality Types are often very passionate about the work they put out, which translates into a strong level of support from group members and those funding the project. Their imaginative nature also helps to keep them in demand. ENTP Types work best with others who help facilitate their imagination, and they enjoy exciting work environments with people who not only aid them, but challenge them as well. The lack of structure in an ENTP Types daily project routine may unnerve others who aren’t used to working that way, but it certainly helps foster creativity. (Tucker, 2008, CPP)

Although MBTI ENTP Types are often successful in project environments because of their go-getter attitude, their adaptable nature and freethinking mindsets can often lead them to forget (or just intentionally ignore) some of the more tedious components of projects, such as budgets, schedules, and other organizational tools. They also may lose some of the attention of others because their ideas are more abstract than detail-driven. Allowing a project to organically evolve on its own also runs the risk of veering off into unnecessary directions rather than leading toward completion. (Tucker, 2008, CPP)

To best combat these potential issues in a Myers-Briggs ENTP Types project management scheme, the individual should always be aware of the consequences of steering off the original plan or not following the parameters set out for the project. This in turn will help stakeholders and other project people fully grasp the big picture of the project and where it may eventually lead. Similarly, ENTP Types should evaluate the original problem that their project was meant to solve, and be sure that with every step or new direction they take, they are still working towards that end. Lastly, although against their inherent nature, it would really benefit an ENTP Types personal life and project management skills if they were to learn how to better organize themselves, their time, and the details of their projects. In doing so, Myers-Briggs ENTP Types can embody all of the aspects of a great project manager—creativity, productivity, and reliability. (Tucker, 2008, CPP)

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Introduction to Type and Project Management. (Jennifer Tucker, 2008, CPP Inc.)

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