The MBTI® Test ESTP Personality Type and Innovation

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The innovative side of the MBTI test ESTP personality type

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MBTI® ESTP Personality Types and Innovation

Shedding light on your Myers-Briggs Type Indicator® test (MBTI Test) personality type and its relation to your innovative process can help you work toward regulating and motivating yourself, allowing you to become a more refined and experienced innovator.  If you’re an Extraverted Sensing with Introverted Thinking (ESTP) type, for example, understanding that you may have a tendency to go off on tangents and applying the knowledge of this habit can help you stay on track during your innovative process.

Innovation, defined as “the implementation of ideas,” can vary depending on the type of innovation, the method of innovation, the role that the innovator plays, and how effective they are at innovating. Myers-Briggs® ESTP types, for example, are exceptionally good at taking an already in-effect answer to a problem, and making it better, more efficient, and more solution-driven, rather than just allowing the process to continue as is because it gets the job done. (Killen and Williams, 2009, CPP)

ESTP personality types enjoy seeing the physical outcome of their innovations, taking something and making it happen. They like to be fully informed of what is happening and what is necessary before they begin getting creative about solutions, and take on new knowledge as it happens to apply to their innovation efforts. MBTI ESTP types are incredibly accommodating, taking everything that is happening around them and using it toward their process. (Killen and Williams, 2009, CPP)

Because of their ever-growing knowledge and interest in their innovation, and the creative atmosphere that surrounds innovation, Myers-Briggs ESTP types may have difficulty taking each innovative concept they develop through to the end. They may get distracted, feel that something isn’t as important, or be reluctant to take any gambles on something they aren’t sure of. This can lead to unforeseen diversions in the innovative process, causing delays and/or negative consequences. (Killen and Williams, 2009, CPP)

To help keep MBTI ESTP types on the right track during innovation, it behooves ESTP types to surround themselves with others who will help both facilitate their creative ideas and help them stay on schedule, offering propositions on how to get from point A to point B and further the innovative process along. (Killen and Williams, 2009, CPP)

If you are an ESTP type, there are always ways to regulate your innovative impulses now that you are aware of their existence. For example, an important distinction to focus on is that the amount of energy that you’re putting into the innovation should be equal to the solutions derived from said energy. In simpler terms: don’t come up with more ideas that could potentially derail your success when there are solutions to be had from your current ideas. Another way to enhance an ESTP types innovation is to take the time to make sure that they aren’t neglecting specific details or knowledge that could be directly applied to their innovation. (Killen and Williams, 2009, CPP)

By acknowledging that they can sometimes innovate too quickly or too sporadically and by focusing their energies on making their innovation streamlined and less tangential, MBTI Test ESTP types can greatly increase their innovative capabilities.

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Introduction to Type and Innovation. (Damien Killen & Gareth Williams, 2009, CPP Inc.)

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