The ESTP MBTI® Personality Type and Learning Styles

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People who are successful in today’s constantly changing workplace never stop learning. They keep up with continuing education and are constantly striving to improve themselves and their knowledge of their field. To do this, while maintaining their other responsibilities, successful people master learning strategies. Learning strategies are key to “learning to learn” and can help you learn more effectively and … Read More

ESTP Personality Type and Decision-Making

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Different people make decisions in vastly different ways, with different priorities and different kinds of reasoning. When there are variations within a team or organization where different people work together closely, these differences can cause tensions or miscommunications. Individuals’ decision-making processes can be studied and interpreted based on their Myers-Briggs Type Indicator® Personality Type (MBTI® Type). Understanding your own and your … Read More

Myers Briggs® ESTP Personality Types and Communication in The Workplace

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The ways that people communicate varies, sometimes widely. While this variation can be a good thing and makes for an interesting work environment, at times, it can cause rough patches or make life difficult in the workplace. The good news is that Dunning (2003) has found that individuals’ communication style is influenced by their MBTI®  personality type. Therefore, identifying the various … Read More

Myers-Briggs® MBTI® Test ESTP Personality Types and Leadership

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MBTI® ESTP Personality Types Leadership Styles This week, we are building on last week’s theme of “The 10% Stretch” (Richmond, 2008) by considering how Myers Briggs Type Indicator® (MBTI®) ESTP (Extraverted-Sensing- Thinking-Perceiving) leaders can capitalize on their strengths and stretch them to lead even more effectively. In coming posts, we will explore the leadership qualities of even more Myers Briggs® … Read More

The MBTI® Test ESTP Personality Type and Innovation

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MBTI® ESTP Personality Types and Innovation Shedding light on your Myers-Briggs Type Indicator® test (MBTI Test) personality type and its relation to your innovative process can help you work toward regulating and motivating yourself, allowing you to become a more refined and experienced innovator.  If you’re an Extraverted Sensing with Introverted Thinking (ESTP) type, for example, understanding that you may … Read More

The Myers-Briggs® Test ESTP Types and Project Management

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MBTI® ESTP Types and Project Management The way in which individuals approach projects in slightly different ways can be attributed to his or her Myers-Briggs Type Indicator® Personality Type—including the roles they play, the stage of the project they work in, and the type of project that fits them best. Learning about how your Myers-Briggs® Test Personality Type best fits in … Read More

MBTI® Test ESTP Personality Types and Emotional Intelligence

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Your Myers Briggs Type Indicator® (MBTI) assessment type can do more than describe your personality—it can help you understand why you think and act the way you do, including in situations involving your or another’s emotions. To further open yourself to understanding and acting upon your own emotions and the emotions of others, it behooves you to learn about your MBTI type’s level of emotional … Read More