MBTI® Test ENFP Directors of Religious Activities or Education

Strong Interest Inventory® General Occupational Theme Code: Enterprising, Social, Conventional (ESC) (GOT)

According to Hammer (1996), choosing a career that plays to your strengths and proclivities, as indicated by your MBTI Personality Type is extremely important. For example, The MBTI Personality Type Extraverted-Intuition-Feeling-Perceiving (ENFP) enjoy supporting others and helping them develop to their full capacity. They are also highly energetic, and use that energy to build and nurture a vast network of contacts. The ENFP MBTI Personality Type tends to fit well in, and find fulfillment as Directors of Religious Activities or Education.

Image courtesy of arkorn at FreeDigitalPhotos.net

Image courtesy of arkorn at FreeDigitalPhotos.net 

Religious directors are responsible for planning, directing, and coordinating activities or programs that are intended to increase religious education of a particular group of people. Such activities could be volunteer initiatives, day trips, outings, or game nights, and implementing them may include recruiting volunteers, training instructional staff on how to meet the high demands of the church or organization, and actually ordering the materials, spaces, and speakers necessary to make the event a reality. In addition to these kinds of logistical concerns, religious directors may provide first-hand counseling or pastoral support to their congregation or its members, or collaborate with other clergy to do the same. This may involve visiting homes or providing information about these or other programs. Finally, directors are responsible to locating, collecting, and distributing resources or information among people or within the church.

Religious directors rely primarily on desktop, tablet, and laptop computers, so they can communicate with members of their congregation and other churches, suppliers, or clergymen. They also use Microsoft outlook, office, and excel to maintain accurate records and disseminate information among their congregation as well. Furthermore, a background in administration or management is helpful for religious directors to run their organizations, as is a foundation in education and in customer service. Because so much of the job is active listening, speaking, providing counseling or pastoral care, and coordinating events, a background or basic knowledge in one or more of these sub-fields can be very helpful.

Most religious directors are fairly highly educated. Almost half of all religious directors hold a master’s degree, and over 30% of the remaining hold some kind of certificate beyond a bachelor’s. Some religious directors also attend seminary. Most of the remaining people have completed some college, but rarely hold a degree. This degree of education ensures that they have a theological background sufficient to serve as a church leader.

Below are some employment trends for Public Relations Specialists:

  • Median wage: $18.50 hourly, $38,480 annually
  • Employment: 134,000 employees
  • Projected growth (2012-2022): Average (8% to 14%)
  • Projected job openings (2012-2022): 57,000


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