MBTI® Test ESFJ Personality Type and Project Management

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An individual’s Myers-Briggs Type Indicator® (MBTI® Test) personality type can provide insight into how he or she approach, conduct, and conclude projects. Discovering more about your MBTI type can help you become more efficient and open-minded in your project endeavors, as this knowledge allows you to tweak the projects you take on and your already established project-boosting techniques to better your productivity. For example, this week’s MBTI Test type focus—Extraverted Feeling with Introverted Sensing (ESFJ)—approaches a project in a systematized, steadfast manner with the hopes of wowing those who are financially, mentally, or emotionally invested in the project.

ESFJ - Project Management

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We’ll consider a project to be “a temporary endeavor, undertaken to create a unique product or service,” with “a definite beginning and a definite end.” (Tucker, 2008, CPP) ESFJ’s utilize their need for order and structure to craft a brilliant, inventive plan for creating a usable, effective solution, whether that be a physical item or a service. They consider the details thoroughly when mapping out a plan of attack, such as placing other project members in roles in which the ESFJ believes they will excel, making sure that the finances are accounted for every step of the way, or keeping on top of the project’s progress through regular check-ins and updates. (Tucker, 2008, CPP)

Myers-Briggs ESFJ’s thrive in a lively and collaborative environment, where ideas are exchanged freely and everyone is on the same page not only concerning the project’s successes, but also its potential failures. Even with this active workplace, there is still continuous order and work is almost always completed within the proposed timeline. ESFJ’s communicate their progress, achievements, and continuous needs to those involved, choosing verbal communication over simply writing an email. Their organized nature also contributes to MBTI Test ESFJ Project Management successes, as it helps them formulate practical ideas and arguments, which is what other project members and investors believe in. (Tucker, 2008, CPP)

ESFJ’s, with their organizational skills and drive, make great project managers. However, there are still a few tweaks that can be made to help their projects run more smoothly. For example, due to an MBTI ESFJ’s desire for order, they can occasionally make others feel as though they aren’t open to new ideas. Listening more to what the other project members have to say will help keep the group dynamic at its best. (Tucker, 2008, CPP)

Another problem for ESFJ’s to keep an eye out for is to make sure that they are checking in individually with each project member and are always aware of their team’s thoughts, opinions, ideas, and progress. Understanding where each person is at with the project will keep anything from falling through the cracks or losing the opportunity to include something monumental in their project. Being knowledgeable of how the components and details of the project make up the bigger picture will further aid Myers-Briggs ESFJ’s in their project abilities, morphing them into even better project managers than their inherent skills already make them. (Tucker, 2008, CPP).

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Introduction to Type and Project Management. (Tucker. CPP, 2008.)

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