The Myers-Briggs® Test ISTP Personality Type and Project Management

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ISTP Personality Type and Project Management

Myers-Briggs Type Indicator® (MBTI®) personality types approach projects in different ways; from the way they work to which role they fulfill best in team environments. A project, in this case, refers to “a temporary endeavor undertaken to create a unique product or service” with “a definite beginning and a definite end.” (Tucker, 2008, CPP) Introverted Thinking with Extraverted Sensing (ISTP) types are great at working on projects, with various strengths and weaknesses that come along with their innate ability to complete tasks.

Individuals who exhibit the ISTP personality type are very goal driven, and therefore feel that projects are problems to find solutions to competently and proficiently before going on to their next endeavor. They search for quick and accurate explanations for current issues, formulating a brief plan and executing it quickly. They are task-oriented, completing one step before going on to the next. Occasionally, this can cause ISTP types to not see the broader scope of all the project elements put together, choosing instead to break the project into easily completed sections. Regardless, MBTI ISTP types use their intelligence and practical nature to deliver well-thought-out results promptly, striving to finish each project so they may start working on another. (Tucker, 2008, CPP)

With their heads so into the task at hand, Myers-Briggs® ISTP types really prefer to work independently, where they feel their strengths will best complete the duties required of them. In terms of working with those who have financial interest in the project, ISTP personality types step out of their shell and deliver—this is often a high level of interaction for them to have with others during projects. (Tucker, 2008, CPP)

If ISTP types are working on projects that require a team atmosphere, they like for everyone to work on their own individual tasks without constant relations or discussion. They don’t like meeting with their other team members and prefer digital communications to personal interactions. Even though they work independently, ISTP personality types are always focused at the task at hand. (Tucker, 2008, CPP)

An ISTP types independent nature can occasionally work against their overall productivity because of their lack of communication abilities. Without the proper communication and interaction with their peers and customers, they may veer off in the wrong direction or misattribute a specific task. However, when they do keep the communication channels open, they are quick to respond to changes and need-based redirection. (Tucker, 2008, CPP)

To become even better at completing projects, Myers-Briggs Test ISTP types should work on becoming better team players. This can be accomplished by developing relationships with those that are working on their project with them, calling more meetings between team members so that everyone is on the same page, and by creating a more ordered plan of action with clearly defined timetables and objectives that work off of one another as opposed to separately solved problems. (Tucker, 2008, CPP) By making these changes and still utilizing their logical minds and incredible drive to get things done, ISTP types can become even better project team players and managers.

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Introduction to Type and Project Management. (Jennifer Tucker, 2008, CPP Inc.)

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