The ENFJ MBTI® Personality Type and Learning Styles

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People are hired because of what they know coming in, but they keep their jobs because of what they’re able to learn while they’re employed. This is true of every profession, from car mechanics to lawyers to nurses to athletes. Learning on-the-job is far from easy. In fact, it can be almost like doing two jobs, since it requires managing all of your existing responsibilities plus the additional responsibilities of continuing education. As a result, time is of the essence. Knowing your Myers-Briggs Personality Type Indicator (MBTI®) can help you learn more efficiently and effectively, so you can apply the new information immediately and improve your performance faster than ever.

For example, Extraverted- Intuitive-Feeling-Judging (ENFJ) personality types learn most effectively when they have the opportunity to solve problems or improve the world around them. They are motivated individuals who tend to act quickly and look forward to seeing how their vision materializes in the real world. That said, they often lose interest during lecture-style teaching or when instructors focus on theoretical information rather than application. For example, an ENFJ nursing student may lack motivation if he is expected to learn about nutrition in the abstract, but may become much more engaged if he needs to create a custom meal plan for different clients of different ages and activity levels.

ENFJ Personality Types

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If you are an ENFJ, you may want to form a study group or even give yourself mini-assignments that explore how the information you are learning can be applied to solve specific problems or meet specific needs. Doing so will help you master the material faster, and will also help you retain it for a longer time.

If you are an instructor or facilitator and have ENFJs in your classroom, consider supplementing your lectures with other media, like videos and pictures. For example, if your presentation focuses on advertising, you may want to show and discuss television, radio, and social media ads. You could also have them create their own ads or pitches and present them. These and other realistic scenarios can help ENFJs understand why what they are learning is important and how it can help them in their current and future roles. To raise the bar even more, try adding a deadline or time limit.

ENFJs benefit from specific, focused feedback as soon as their task is complete for two reasons. First, feedback lets ENFJs know if they completed the assigned task as the instructor inspected. In other words, feedback helps ENFJs evaluate their success. Second, feedback provides ENFJs a path of growth—what could they have done differently or done better? How could they approach similar problems in the future with even better results? If you are coaching an ENFJ, make sure your feedback is as narrow and actionable as possible. If you are an ENFJ yourself, don’t be afraid to ask questions to make sure you understand what you need to change going forward.

Use your MBTI® to learn more efficiently and unlock your professional potential.


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