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The Strong Interest Inventory® assessment represents the measurement of interests for educational and career planning. The theory behind this assessment is based on the pattern of one’s interests and the correlation to choices for career placement or career development. This assessment has been revised for both validity and reliability, as well as for content and structure continually over the course of nearly one hundred years. The 2004 edition was amended to account for the ever-evolving job market and innovative technology-driven career paths.

How can the Strong Interest Inventory Career Assessment help you?

The Strong Interest Inventory® assessment has many variations you can use for career planning, college major selection, and assessing your confidence levels.

Components of The Strong Interest Inventory®

There are five main components of the Strong Interest Inventory® (S.I.I.); the General Occupational Themes, the Basic Interest Scales, the Occupational Scales, the Personal Style Scales, and the administrative indexes. Each of these scores is organized in a fashion which assists an individual with the manifestation of a strategy for educational and career decisions. Each component will display specific information with a direct reflection of these interest patterns. The General Occupational Themes (GOTs) reveal the individual’s overall sense of direction in relation to work. The Basic Interest Scales (BISs) display the consistency of interests or disinterests in specific occupational areas. The Occupational Scales (OSs), report the degree of similarity between an individual’s interest patterns and of those of people currently holding said occupations. The Personal Style Scales (PSSs) represent an individual’s work style in relation to leadership, risk-taking, teamwork, etc. Lastly, the administrative indexes will assist with the identification of special areas of inconsistency and display information which may need extra consideration.

Theme Codes

Individuals taking the Strong Interest Inventory® will receive an occupational theme code which falls on the hexagonal RIASEC Diagram. This code can be entered into the O*Net career database to search best fit occupations which correspond to an individual’s interests. One’s RIASEC code is based on four main assumptions, but the basis of its construction is that individuals can be classified by six Themes; Realistic, Investigative, Artistic, Social, Enterprising, and Conventional. Additionally, each Theme is determined by environmental and behavioral preferences. Combinations of the six Themes can classify individuals into 720 different combinations!

How can the Strong Interest Inventory Career Assessment help you?

The Strong® assessment has many variations you can use for career planning, college major selection, and assessing your confidence levels.

Variations of The Strong®

The Strong Interest Inventory® results will ignite a discussion not only with reference to specific job titles, but also one’s typical work activities, potential competencies, self-concept and values, work environments, and even typical hobbies or personal activities of interest. There are many variations of the Strong® Assessment, including The Strong Interest Inventory® Interpretive Report, which will include a detailed description of the top ten potential careers for those with similar likes and dislikes, including duties and specific skills necessary for suggested career options. Other variations, such as The SII College Edition, will include insight into which majors line up with an individual’s preferences, allowing them to seek the most gratifying and fulfilling college experience. The Strong® and Skills Confidence Profile will breakdown interest in work, play, academia, and communication styles, with the added bonus of displaying an individual’s confidence levels, with the comparison to interest patterns. These aspects have assisted the Strong® earn the reputation as a leader of the premier assessments for individuals seeking to match their interest to promising career and educational options.

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