Celebrity MBTI® Test: John D Rockefeller Personality Type ESTJ, The Industrial Emperor

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John D Rockefeller Personality Type

Today marks part three of our 16 part series exploring the sixteen Myers-Briggs Type Indicator® personality types and related Celebrity figures throughout time. Last time we covered Augustus Caesar and the MBTI® test INTJ type.  This week we examine the ESTJ, Extraversion-Sensing-Thinking-Judging, and John D Rockefeller who many argue to be the world’s most successful industrialist with an inflation adjusted estimated net worth of 663.4 Billion (Forbes 2008).  Yes, that’s Billion with a “B”.

From a very early age John Rockefeller exhibited strong features of The Myers-Briggs Type Indicator ESTJ type.  His mother taught him to be thrifty and efficient.  In school he was reserved, methodical and had a great mind for numbers and detailed accounting.  This fits in perfectly with the Sensing and Thinking preferences that cater to logic and objective analysis of the here and now.

When it comes to work, The ESTJ MBTI test personality type prefers to focus on jobs where results are immediate, visible, and tangible.    John Rockefeller’s first major career move was in the produce commission business where he helped raise $4,000 (a substantial amount of money in the mid 1800’s).  He then partnered to build an oil refinery in 1863.  Like other ESTJ personality types, he had no problem working with others, but he expected others to be responsible about meeting deadlines and completing assigned tasks.  He also was a great administrator and his great understanding of logistics and the systems behind his business and worldwide trends helped him foresee the huge oil boom and in a brilliant move, he bought out his majority partners in 1865.  With majority control of his oil business he was able to better control the direction of his company by borrowing heavily, reinvesting profits, and adapting rapidly to changing markets.  Based off his success Rockefeller formed Standard Oil of Ohio in June of 1870 and so Standard Oil was born.  Without the freedom to make decisions pertaining to responsibility assignment and resource management John Rockefeller would have quite possibly never had the chance to develop his empire to the extent that he did.

MBTI test ESTJ types thrive in an environment where they have freedom to form a systematic approach to problem solving.  This allows them to have a very straightforward battle plan that is focused on bottom line results.  Sometimes this can make an ESTJ come off as overpowering, but also has a tendency to come off as dependable, decisive, and self confident.  This leads people to naturally look toward ESTJ types to take charge and get things done.

John Rockefeller was also a great example of how an ESTJ type values competence and efficiency.  In fact, he was a strong believer in the Efficiency Movement of the early 20th century.  This movement aimed to identify and eliminate waste (inefficiency) from all areas of the economy and society.

John Rockefeller’s combination of financial brilliance, great administrative skills, proper timing, and operational efficiency all combined to in a perfect storm to truly showcase what a properly channeled ESTJ is capable of accomplishing with the correct tools and opportunities.

If you would like more in depth information on ESTJ personality types, or if you would like to find out what your Myers-Briggs Type Indicator personality type  is, then head over to the assessment page and take the MBTI assessment for an analysis of your type.  And don’t forget to check out part four of our sixteen part series of celebrity figures and the MBTI types they personify.

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