Celebrity MBTI® Test: James Cameron Personality Type ENTP, Directing the Future of Film

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James Cameron Personality Type

This week marks part six of our sixteen part series of blogs where I focus on a different MBTI® test type every single week and examine a Celebrity throughout history that matches those preferences. Previously, I looked at Eminem and the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator® test ISFP type. Today I will look at the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator ENTP type, which includes Extraversion + Intuition + Thinking + Perceiving, and the mastermind behind movies like The Terminator, Titanic, and Avatar; James Cameron.

James Cameron’s career, true to his Myers-Briggs Type Indicator test ENTP nature, is one of exploration, innovation, and sometimes controversy. The MBTI test ENTP type enjoys taking risk and Cameron is no exception. His two greatest risks, the hugely ambitious Avatar and Titanic movies paid off huge and stand as the top two grossing movies of all time, respectively. At the time of production Titanic had a budget of over $200 million, making it the most expensive movie ever made at the time. 2009’s Avatar had been repeatedly delayed in order for technology to advance to a level of Cameron’s liking. Both movies had been thought to be too grand to accomplish, but Cameron’s ENTP type helped him push through.

Source: Wikipedia.

Cameron’s ambitious style did not come without controversy. It is natural for a Myers-Briggs Type Indicator ENTP type to pay less attention to their non-preferred Feeling and Sensing parts (CPP, 2007). Cameron was no exception, and his perfectionism and uncompromising work style lead many of his projects to go over budget and over schedule. This was in line with the MBTI ENTP type’s tendency to find schedules and standard operating procedures confining and instead working around them whenever possible. Myers Briggs Type Indicator ENTP types can also sometimes fail to give enough weight to the impact of their ideas and plans on people and this can lead to strained relations (CPP, 2007). Numerous former stars and collaborators of Cameron’s have stated their difficulties working with his dictatorial manner and his flaming temper.Similar to many individuals with the Myers Briggs Type Indicator ENTP type, Cameron constantly scanned the environment for opportunities and possibilities. He saw patterns and connections not obvious to others and at times seemed able to see into the future (CPP, 2007). From the very beginning Cameron was a pioneer in special effects and film camera development. 1991’s Terminator 2 pushed special effect limits of its time with creating the “liquid metal” antagonist T-1000. 1997’s Titanic continued the big budget bonanza and its success helped launch a big budget movie movement. Similarly, 2009’s Avatar launched the revival of 3D movies and started a trend that continues to dominate to this day.

Myers-Briggs Type Indicator ENTP type individuals enjoy unconventional surroundings, traveling, and risk-taking adventures (CPP, 2007). Cameron spent his downtime from making mega blockbusters by filming underwater documentaries and plans on making a 3-D project about mankind’s first trip to Mars. There is no telling what the next step for Cameron will be, but based on his Myers-Briggs Type Indicator ENTP type you can bet it will be at the forefront of creative technical development.

If you would like more in depth information on the MBTI test ENTP type or if you would like to find out what your Myers-Briggs Type Indicator type is then head over to the assessment page and MBTI Assessment for an analysis of your type. And don’t forget to check out our continuation to part seven of our sixteen part series of famous figures and the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator types they personify.

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