The MBTI® Step II™ Test : An Overview

In MBTI, Personality Type by Jonathan Bollag, Owner and Founder

Who are you? Find out with the MBTI Step II TestThe Myers-Briggs Type Indicator® Step II™ test contains 51 questions in addition to the 93 questions offered by The MBTI® Step I™ Profile. The MBTI Step II test takes you further into the research of your personality type by explaining in more detail the facets or detailed preferences that encompass your type. Each type contains 20 detailed preferences not included in The Myers Briggs Type Indicator Step I test, and are represented by detailed graphs for each part or preference within your MBTI type such as Thinking and Feeling.

The MBTI Step I profile is a MBTI Profile Report offered on for the price of $35.00, and can be found HERE, while The MBTI Step II test takes a bit more of a financial investment at $55.00, and is also located HERE.

Examples of The Myers Briggs Type Indicator Step II test sub-categories or what is more scientifically known facets include but are not limited to:

Thinking & Feeling (Step I)

The Step I Thinking type is assessed in The MBTI Step II Report for:

Logic, Reasonable, Questioning, Critical, and Tough

The Step I Feeling type is assessed in The MBTI Step II Report for:

Empathetic, Compassionate, Accommodating, Accepting and Tender

Additional sub-categories are also located in the Extroverted & Introverted type preference categories:

The Step I Extroverted type is assessed in The MBTI II Report for:

Initiating, Expressive, Gregarious, Active Enthusiastic

The Step I Introverted type is assessed in The MBTI Step II Report for:

Receiving, Contained, Intimate, Reflective, Quiet

(MBTI Step II Manual CPP, 2011)

The MBTI Step II test goes further in explaining each sub-category, or facet, in more detail. Examples of this can be seen using two of the four MBTI Step I preferences listed above; thinking and feeling, and the four facets that coincide with these two preferences:



  • Impersonal
  • Seek Impartiality
  • Objective Analysis


  • Truthful
  • Cause and Effect
  • Apply Principles


  • Precise
  • Challenging
  • Want Discussion


  • Skeptical
  • Want Proof
  • Critique


  • Firm
  • Tough-minded
  • Ends-oriented



  • Personal
  • Seek Harmony
  • Central Values


  • Tactful
  • Sympathetic
  • Loyal


  • Approving
  • Agreeable
  • Want Harmony


  • Tolerant
  • Trusting
  • Give Praise


  • Gentle
  • Tender-hearted
  • Means-oriented

According to The Myers Briggs Type Indicator Step II Manual, these detailed preferences and the MBTI Step II test serve important purposes as it allows you and your interpreter to:

  • Gain a better sense of the distinct ways you experience and express your personality type
  • Better understand and relate to people who share the same Step I type as you by showing you that detailed differences exist between people of the same Step I type as you.
  • Resolve doubts about the determination of your best-fit type by providing greater clarity about your preferences.
  • Resist type stereotyping by revealing some of the main variations possible within each type preference and each type.
  • Have greater trust in MBTI Step I results as the report comes closer to describing you accurately

(MBTI Step II Manual CPP, 2011)

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