With the help of the Strong Interest Inventory Assessment, one can pursue occupations that coincide with our internal interests and interest patterns, leaving one with a better and more attainable chance at enjoying and being more satisfied with our work life. Additionally, whether entering the workforce for the first time or re-entering the workforce at a crossroads, this assessment can play a major role in honing in what career will best suit you with the idea being that by doing something you enjoy, you will have more staying power and a harder work ethic.

The Strong Interest Inventory is a self-reported interest assessment which provides insight into interests rather than a measurement of aptitude or IQ, though depending upon the variation of the SII Report you are to receive often includes different elements such as your collegiate and high school curriculum that interest you, as well as corresponding college majors for those attending or planning to attending college. In addition to simply identifying your occupational interests, the Strong Interest Inventory assesses your general interests and how these correspond with existing occupations.

In helping to discover your dream career- sooner rather than later,  The Strong Interest Inventory®  (SII) covers six overarching themes which place individuals in one to three best suited career categories, providing the client with their best-fit careers as well as information related to their interests and interest patterns. Additionally, clients particular interest levels included in an array of interest areas that coincide with those employed in certain occupations are also measured with the thought process that if someone has a corresponding high interest level closely related to those who are deemed happy and fulfilled in certain careers, then the client completing the assessment has a good chance of being happy in the corresponding career(s).


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    Your Strong Interest Inventory® Interpretive Report starts with the same foundational information found in the Strong Interest Inventory Profile, but goes even further into analyzing your likes and dislikes by offering you a detailed look at how following your interests and preferences can help you lead a more fulfilling, satisfied life. The report presents you with the closest matched occupations for people with your interests, an in-depth breakdown of certain areas matched to your Strong Interest Inventory test results, and insight into your likes and dislikes.

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Helping individuals identify their ideal work environment, the Strong Interest Inventory®  Assessment is a fit-for-purpose tool that guides users to occupations that fit them best. Backed by for both the validity and reliability of each set of scales, the SII is impressive and yields strong support for a variety of populations across most demographics. Used to the fullest extent, it is an incomparable method to leverage the best results from informed career, academic, and life decisions.

Rendering useful information at different life junctures, whether starting out post-school or college- or thinking of changing careers late in the game, the SII assessment provides perceptive input on an ideal occupational path.

The Strong Interest Inventory®  assessment can be completed in as little as 30-35 minutes and is completed on an online user-friendly platform. It is in multiple-choice format and contains 291  questions.  After reports are generated via the patented protected software owned by The Myers-Briggs Company, it is  time to complete one’s interpretation session.

This session is attended by the participant and one of Career Assessment Site’s certified interpreters via Zoom Audio, telephone or conference call. During this session which generally lasts from 30-45 minutes, the participants results are reviewed and explained to the participant, while the more complex and data rich sections of the report are explained as well.

The interpreter and the participant will discuss their best fit career options by reviewing their Occupational Scales which provides their top 10 most suitable reported careers as well as the other sections of the report including the Basic Interest Scales which shows a focused view of the individuals RIASEC Theme Code. For instance, a participant may have an EIR, which is an Enterprising, Investigative, and Realistic Theme Code. This particular Theme Code would mostly correspond to Enterprising careers being that Enterprising is the first letter and therefore most prominent within their Occupational Theme Code.  However, the one or two letters that follow the prominent first letter are also taken into consideration during the interpretation session.

The interpreter will also review the corresponding career choices that have been focused on during the session demonstrating the online career government database entitled O*Net Online which provides particular career characteristics such as salary by state, employment growth, required education, daily tasks, required skills and more.

It is important to point out that when completing the Strong Interest Inventory®,  there are no right or wrong responses The assessment is about who you are without judgment, and where your interests lie. With that said, your gut feeling and first response usually convey the most accurate answer.

The Strong Interest Inventory consists of  items with five possible responses: Strongly Like, Like, Indifferent, Dislike, Strongly Dislike. It is thought-provoking but user-friendly- with the ultimate goal of obtaining clear answers to the career conundrum the test taker is facing.

It is important to point out that The Strong interest Inventory® does not identify how good or successful we are likely to be in a given career though it is based on how the correlation between being content and interested in your work can lead to higher motivation and more efficient and effective output in the workplace.

An Important factor that is measured and included in a client’s Strong Interest Inventory® Report are The General Occupational Themes.

General Occupational Themes: The General Occupational Theme section introduces you to the six main interest categories and provides you with a graphical representation of how much (or little) interest you have in each category compared to both the general population and also more specifically to those of your same gender. These General Occupational career categories are:

  1. Realistic Careers
  2. Investigative Careers
  3. Artistic Careers
  4. Social Careers
  5. Enterprising Careers
  6. Conventional Careers

The Realistic Career Category (R)

Individuals who fall into the Realistic Career Theme Category enjoy building and fixing, adventurous physical activities, the outdoors, agriculture and farming, and working with various tools, devices and apparatus’s, including computers and computer networks.

The average Realistic Code individual partakes in careers that include quantifiable or tangible outcomes. Realistic Code individuals are known to  have high motor skills, acuity, ability and dexterity for operating high-end machinery and equipment.

Realistic Career Theme persons have a certain sets of Belief and Characteristics.

Such as:

  • Being Emotionally Dependable, Balanced and Committed
  • Being Sensible, Hands-On, Pragmatic and Economical
  • Being Reserved and Discreet
  • Having Traditional Principles
  • Taking Physically Hazardous Risks in Work and Hobbies.

The following are examples of Realistic Theme Careers. Please click on each or any of the careers listed that catch your eye, for a thorough description of each.

Realistic Theme Code Career

Acupuncturist, Animal Trainer, Anesthesiologist AssistantBakerBarberBus DriverCivil EngineerCardiovascular Technologist and TechnicianMedical and Clinical Lab TechnicianComputer Support SpecialistGame WardenForest FirefighterHeating and Air Conditioning MechanicsRecreational Protective Service WorkerMeat TrimmerMolecular and Cell BiologistNanotechnology Engineering TechnicianOral and Maxillofacial SurgeonPathologistPlumberRadiologistPolice Patrol OfficerSurveyorTelecommunications Engineering SpecialistVeterinarianVeterinary Technologist and TechnicianWelderZoologist and Wildlife Biologist.

The Investigative Theme (I)

Those individuals who land in the category of the Investigative Theme, and have the corresponding interest patterns, are reported feeling content and happy in careers that include such topics as science, mathematics and research. These individuals tend to have a curious and complex mindset while being drawn to problem-solving and new innovations.They usually prefer to work in unstructured environments and have a strong desire to work autonomously, which can give them the opportunity to work independently.

Investigative Career Theme persons have a certain set of Belief and Characteristics.

Such as:

  • Being Private and Self-Reliant
  • Being Innovative, Authentic and Novel
  • Being Dedicated, a Workaholic and Results-Driven
  • Being Radical, Self-Assured and Academically Proficient

The following are examples of Investigative Theme Careers. Please click on each or any of the careers listed that catch your eye, for a thorough description of each.

AstronomersAerospace Engineers and TechniciansBiochemical Engineers, Chemical Technicians, ChemistsComputer System AnalystsConstruction CarpentersCoronersCritical Care NursesDental Lab TechnicianDermatologistsDiagnostic Medical SonographersEmergency Medical TechniciansExplosives Workers and Blasters AssistantsFire Investigators, Forensic Science TechniciansIndustrial Engineering Technicians, Intelligence AnalystsMarine Engineers and Naval ArchitectsMechanical EngineersOperations Research AnalystsOptometristsPolitical ScientistsQuality Control AnalystsSoftware Applications DevelopersSoftware Quality Assurance Analysts and TestersSports Medicine PhysiciansStructural Iron and Steel WorkersSystems Software Developers, and Urban and Regional Planners.

The Artistic Theme (A)

Individuals within The Artistic Theme Career Category possess a unique ability to perceive the world through a lens of creativity. They are known for creating new ideas, products, or any art form. They prefer to channel their emotions, experiences, and perceptions into various forms of artistic expression, such as writing, dancing, photography, and music. Artistic Category individuals are mostly driven by their desire to delve into their creativity and imagination. They relate and communicate these aspirations through their chosen artistic medium.

Artistic Career Theme persons have a certain set of Beliefs and Characteristics.

Such as:

    • Being Original and Idealistic
    • Being Passionate and Expressive
    • Having a Deep-rooted Appreciation for Beauty and Aesthetics

The following are examples of Artistic Theme Careers. Please click on each or any of the careers listed that catch your eye, for a thorough description of each.

ActorsArt, Drama, and Music Teachers, Broadcast News AnalystsChoreographersCookDancersFashion DesignersFloral DesignersForeign Language and Literature TeachersInterior Designers, Landscape ArchitectsMakeup Artists, Merchandise DisplayersModelsMultimedia Artists and AnimatorsMusiciansPhotographersPost-Secondary English Language and Literature TeachersPost-Secondary Teachers, Preschool Teachers, Radio and Television AnnouncersSet DesignersSingersSociologistsSound Engineering Technicians, Tile Setters, Translators & InterpretersTraining and Development Specialists, and Video Game Designers.

The Enterprising Theme (E)

Being competitive, ambitious risk-takers, Enterprise Theme types enjoy selling, persuading, and leading others. Enterprising individuals are known to be self-assured and poised while thriving in a driven and aggressive workplace.

Enterprising Career Theme persons have a certain set of Beliefs and Characteristics.

Such as:

    • Being Goal-Driven and Motivated
    • Being Cheerful, Energetic and Confident
    • Being Clever and Sharp
    • Being Entrepreneurial and  Being Drawn to Building Assets and Power

The following are examples of Enterprising Theme Careers. Please click on each or any of the careers listed that catch your eye, for a thorough description of each.

Athletic TrainersChild, Family, and School Social WorkersCustomer Service RepresentativesConciergesCommunity Health WorkersCrossing Guards and FlaggersChiropractorsFast Food and Counter WorkersHearing Aid SpecialistsMarriage and Family TherapistsMassage TherapistsMental Health CounselorsMiddle School Career and Technical Education TeachersNurse PractitionersNursing InstructorsNursing AssistantsOccupational Therapy AidesPark Naturalists, Physical TherapistsPhysician AssistantsPhilosophy and Religion TeachersPreventive Medicine PhysiciansProbation OfficersPsychiatric AidesRecreational TherapistsSocial WorkersSpeech-Language Pathology AssistantsSubstance Abuse Counselors, and Ushers, Lobby Attendants, and Ticket Takers.

The Conventional Theme (C)

Displaying a high interest in working with data and numbers, Conventional individuals are organized, precise, and efficient, preferring a work environment that is structured and stable. Those that fall into the Conventional Category prefer predictable outcomes and prefer organizing and controlling vast amounts of information.

Conventional Career Theme persons have a certain set of Beliefs and Characteristics.

Such as:

    • Being Systematic and Structured
    • Being Determined and Consistent
    • Being Thorough and Efficient
    • Being Meticulous and Thrifty with Money

The following are examples of Conventional Code Careers. Please click on each or any of the careers listed that catch your eye, for a thorough description of each.

Accountants and AuditorsBiostatisticiansCargo and Freight AgentsCashiersCity Planning AidesChief Sustainability Officers, Compliance ManagersCostume AttendantsDatabase AdministratorsDistance Learning Coordinators, Gambling Change PersonsGaming DealersGraduate Teaching AssistantsImmigration and Customs InspectorsInformation Security AnalystsLaw ClerkLibrary TechniciansLibrary TechniciansMedical SecretariesOrderliesPharmacy AidesPhlebotomistsPolice, Fire and Ambulance DispatchersPostal Service Mail CarriersRisk Management Specialists,  StatisticiansStockers and Order Fillers, Title Examiners and SearchersTreasurers and Controllers, and Web Administrators.