The Strong Interest Inventory® Assessment is a powerful tool for helping individuals find a career they will enjoy and where they can apply their skills. The first step is to administer a comprehensive assessment. These responses are then analyzed and used to direct the individuals to one to three of six career categories. Each Theme Code Category shares certain characteristics. For example, Conventional Careers involve organizational and problem-solving skills. The Strong Interest Inventory® Assessment is a reliable, valuable starting point, whether you are choosing your first career path or considering moving in a new direction.

Immigration and Customs Inspectors are considered Conventional Careers. On a daily basis, they investigate and inspect people and goods arriving to or departing from the United States, or traveling between states, to confirm that they are complying with immigration and customs laws and regulations. During this process, they may need to examine applications, visas, passports, and other documentation or interview individuals to confirm that they are eligible to travel. If someone is in violation of customs or immigration laws, Immigration and Customs Inspectors may need to detain or interrogate them as needed. They may also need to answer questions about or explain laws and regulations to shippers, travelers, and prospective immigrants, as well as collect samples of merchandise for examination or testing.

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In the case of a dispute or even a law suit, Immigration and Customs Inspectors may need to testify regarding their decisions in an immigration appeals court or even a federal court. Their testimony can be instrumental in resolving these cases and serving justice. Because of the possibility of a law suit, Immigration and Customs Inspectors also need to keep careful records of their activities, findings, violations, and decisions on the job. They need to be ready to produce evidence and justifications for decisions at any time.

Immigration and Customs Inspectors should be comfortable using standard office software, including Microsoft Office Suite, web browser, and e-mail software. They may also need to be able to use database user interface and query software, such as the National Crime Information Center (NCIC) database or the Treasury Enforcement Communication System (TECS). If you are interested in a career as an Immigration and Customs Inspector, you should try to become generally proficient with computers.

Immigration and Customs Inspectors should also be familiar with law and government, public safety, security, and customer service, as well as be proficient in English. In some cases, proficiency in other languages can be beneficial. Most Immigration and Customs Inspectors do not hold high-level degrees. According to current statistics, 39% hold a High School Diploma or equivalent, 27% hold a Bachelor’s Degree, and 14% have completed some college coursework but have not earned a degree.

Immigration and Customs Inspectors’ salary nation-wide averages nearly $80,000 annually, and the rate of employment is expected to grow steadily over the next several years, with some 7,500 new jobs being added before 2026.

Below are some employment trends for Immigration and Customs Inspectors:

  • Median Salary: $38.45 hourly, $79,970 annually
  • Employment: 111,000 employees
  • Projected growth (2016-2026): Average (5% to 9%)
  • Projected job openings (2016-2026): 7,500
[Information retrieved from Bureau of Labor Statistics wage data and 2016-2026 employment projections]

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