Chemical technicians belong in Investigative Theme Code in the Strong Interest Inventory Assessment, as they are often required to research and analyze data to make decisions. They must also be detail-oriented and have excellent problem-solving skills. Additionally, they must have a good understanding of laboratory safety procedures.

A Chemical Technician is a professional who is responsible for processing, analyzing, and testing chemicals in a laboratory environment. They work with a variety of equipment and techniques to identify, measure, and manipulate samples while also working with hazardous materials which require the utmost safety and attention to detail. This job requires a high level of technical proficiency, as well as a strong aptitude for problem-solving and critical thinking. 

Chemical Technicians have a wide range of duties and responsibilities, from collecting and preparing samples for analysis to record and interpreting data. They must also be able to communicate effectively with colleagues and supervisors, both verbally and in writing. 

Chemical technicians also assist in the analysis of chemical processes, quality control, and safety compliance. They also help to develop new products, improve existing ones, and evaluate the effects of certain chemicals and compounds on people, the environment, and other substances.

Strong Interest Inventory® (SII) Investigative Theme Code Chemical Technician Career

Learn more about working as a Chemical Technician, including the typical income, duties, necessary skills, educational requirements, and other career information.

As a chemical technician, it is important to be familiar with the tools and technologies used in the laboratory. This includes laboratory equipment such as microscopes, balances, centrifuges, spectrometers, and other instruments. Additionally, chemical technicians should be knowledgeable in laboratory safety protocols, data analysis methods, and computer software such as Microsoft Excel. Familiarity with software for data management, such as LIMS (Laboratory Information Management System) or ELN (Electronic Laboratory Notebook), is also highly recommended. 

To become a chemical technician, you must have a minimum of a high school diploma or equivalent. Although a degree is not required, some employers may prefer candidates who have a degree in a relevant field, such as chemistry or chemical engineering. Additionally, some states may require additional certifications or licenses for chemical technicians in certain industries. It is important to research the specific requirements in your area before applying for jobs. Chemical technicians may also be required to take additional training courses to stay current with new technologies and safety regulations.

Aside from a degree, there are several professional certifications available for chemical technicians. These certifications demonstrate a high level of competence and knowledge in the field and can help individuals advance their careers and increase their earning potential. Some of the certifications available for chemical technicians include the Certified Laboratory Technician (CLT) certification offered by the American Society for Clinical Pathology (ASCP), the National Institute for Certification in Engineering Technologies (NICET) certification for chemical technicians, and the International Society for Automation (ISA) certification for automation professionals. 

Chemical Technicians generally earn a median salary of around $47,000 per year, with a range of between $37,000 and $59,000. The exact salary depends on a variety of factors, such as experience, education, and location, with higher salaries generally being found in larger metropolitan areas. Salary expectations should be discussed with potential employers during the job interview process, as benefits and other job-related perks may also factor into the final salary offer. 

Below are some employment trends for Chemical Technicians:

  •     Median Salary: $23.56 hourly, $48,990 annual
  •     Employment: 60,400 employees
  •     Projected growth (2021-2031): Average (4% to 7%) 
  •     Projected job openings (2021-2031): 7,800
[Information retrieved from Bureau of Labor Statistics wage data and 2018-2028 employment projections]

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