Strong Interest Inventory® Social Theme & Basic Interest Scales

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Its time for teamwork in the Social Theme. Working with other people directly in groups is a staple of the Social Theme.

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Strong Interest Inventory Social Theme

Learning about your alignment with certain Strong Interest Inventory ® test  Basic Interest Scales can help you decide which career path will be most fulfilling and rewarding based on your interests and preferences. The Social Themed Basic Interest Scales (BIS) include Counseling & Helping, Teaching & Education, Human Resources & Training, Social Sciences, Religion & Spirituality, and Healthcare Services. (Donnay et al., 2005, CPP, 57)

The Counseling & Helping BIS is usually common with those who find themselves empathizing with others and wanting to make their lives better. They are unselfish, philanthropic, and compassionate, and use their abilities and talents to help others in their endeavors or with their issues. People who score high in this BIS usually enjoy being in the presence of others in their jobs, which could include administrators, therapists and others who work in social services. (Donnay et al., 2005, CPP, 57)

Those who scored high in the Teaching & Education BIS often have many interests and preferences in common with those who scored high on the Counseling & Helping BIS. They enjoy using their talents to mold the minds of others, have nurturing natures, and feel best when they are helping others. They often excel in roles in elementary, junior high, and high school teaching, as well as administrative positions. They enjoy more contact with their students than university professors do, preferring a more hands-on approach to teaching. (Donnay et al., 2005, CPP, 57)

The Human Resources & Training Strong Interest Inventory BIS is often associated with those who enjoy a specific kind of teaching, involved in preparing others for the workplace or for duties that they will be performing in their employment. They often are also really good at organizing others or managing their peers. High scorers in this BIS often go on to become managers, administrators, corporate trainers, and operations specialists. (Donnay et al., 2005, CPP, 58)

High scorers in the Social Sciences BIS are interested in cultures, societies, histories, traditions, and civilizations, whether it involves learning about these topics or teaching about them. They’ll often go on to become public officials, language teachers, lawyers, and sociologists. (Donnay et al., 2005, CPP, 58)

Those who score high on the Religion & Spirituality BIS find joy in helping others through their emotional and spiritual growth. They work toward aiding others in making themselves better and happier people. They often find themselves in careers such as rehab counselors, ministers, religious teachers, and nuns. High scorers in this BIS often also score high in the Counseling & Helping BIS as well. (Donnay et al., 2005, CPP, 58)

The Healthcare Services BIS is a common high score among those who enjoy helping others physically and personally in their medical needs, without necessarily enjoying the biological and physical sciences. They often find themselves in careers such as nurses, EMTs, trainers, and physical or mental therapists. (Donnay et al., 2005, CPP, 58-59)

By learning which BIS’s you score highest in, and those BIS’s that are related to them, you can plan your career path to align with your overall likes and interests, setting you up for an enjoyable and rewarding work life.

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