The Strong Interest Inventory® Test Enterprising Theme

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Strong Interest Inventory Enterprising Theme


Learning about The Strong Interest Inventory® Test’s Basic Interest Scales (BIS) that you align with can help you discern your ideal career—one that will bring you happiness, success, and fulfillment. This week, we’ll learn about the Enterprising Basic Interest Scale Theme, and the BIS’s that go along with it.

The Basic Interest Scale Theme centered on Enterprising covers a few business-like, managerial, and rhetoric-driven BIS’s, including Marketing & Advertising, Sales, Management, Entrepreneurship, Politics and Public Speaking, and Law.

The Strong Interest Inventory Marketing & Advertising BIS is common among those who enjoy the research and creation that comes with developing a campaign or establishing the current state of the consumer market. The creative component of marketing (such as copywriting or graphic design) is less associated with this BIS than are the nuts-and-bolts of marketing, including numbers, statistics, and trends. Individuals leaning toward this BIS enjoy working in groups and in positions that might include purchasing agents, marketing managers, or sales managers. (Donnay et al., 2005, CPP, 59)

The Sales BIS is true to its name, finding a high score with those individuals who enjoy exchanging products or services for monetary gain, or those who enjoy working with others whose job it is to sell them something. Depending on the other BIS’s that an individual scores highly in, someone who scores high in the Sales BIS may feel that the product they are selling must prove beneficial to the consumer in order for it to have value. Realtors, insurance agents, and sales representatives are common careers for high scorers in this BIS. (Donnay et al., 2005, CPP, 59)

Those who score high in The Strong Interest Inventory Management BIS will enjoy careers that involve exerting a certain level of weight over others in their organization, while also acting as mentors or overseers for others. Usually, Management BIS-prone individuals find themselves working in typical business settings, but they can also be found in education, medical, and governmental institutions. Potential careers include administrators, executives, and managers in a wide variety of fields. (Donnay et al., 2005, CPP, 59-60)

The Entrepreneurship BIS is common among those who enjoy creating ideas for new businesses or formulating plans for current businesses to ensure growth and success. They often prefer to be their own boss, putting themselves and their savings on the line for new business ventures. Their other Basic Interest Scales can vary widely, which can help discern what type of businesses they’d prefer to work in. (Donnay et al., 2005, CPP, 60)

The Politics and Public Speaking BIS is for those individuals who want to enact change through their actions and words. Their actions and words are meant as a call-to-action, influencing others to either follow their ways or make changes themselves. They are also often interested in current events. High scorers in this BIS often become attorneys, public administrators, or elected public officials.

Those who score high in the Law BIS often display an affinity for persuasion, debate, and justice. This BIS is common with those who find happiness in careers such as rehab counselors, public administrators, and lawyers. (Donnay et al., 2005, CPP, 60)

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