The MBTI® Test ENTP Personality Type and Innovation

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The ENTP personality type and innovation

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Depending on your Myers-Briggs Type Indicator® (MBTI®) personality type, one may work best in a specific role or stage of the innovation cycle. Actively seeking out the roles and tasks that you know mesh well with your MBTI type can help you produce more effective and efficient innovations, leading to a larger breadth of success. Extraverted Intuition with Introverted Thinking (ENTP) types, for example, are most productive in innovation that involves them coming up with creative solutions to current problems or methods that could be made more efficient.

Innovation is defined as “the implementation of ideas,” and can refer to any part of the innovative process—idea generation, planning, following through, physically developing something, etc. (Killen and Williams, 2009, CPP) ENTP types believe in the freedom of creativity, and enjoy innovating under the assumption that creative ideas should not be limited, constrained, or regulated. They are quick to generate ideas, although occasionally do so much brainstorming that they fail to move their ideas forward quickly.

ENTP personality types enjoy the constant generation of new and exciting solutions, finding pleasure in bouncing ideas off of their peers. They are always looking to the future, choosing to continually work on present concepts to make them better. MBTI ENTP types believe that there is always a better version of something, even if the current version is still good on its own. Change and novelty excite them, and they enjoy being the first to come up with creative solutions. (Killen and Williams, 2009, CPP)

ENTP types require a certain level of flexibility in order to use their creativity to its fullest—however, this can conflict with the general flow of innovation as a whole, as many overseers may have a strict or regimented plan for their innovation. To best innovate, Myers-Briggs ENTP types could use a little support and help from the actions of their peers, such as voicing opinions, promoting brainstorming and free-form idea evolution, constantly supporting the ENTP types leadership, and consistently adding to the group discussions and brainstorming sessions. (Killen and Williams, 2009, CPP)

There are also techniques and self-awareness tools that ENTP types can use in order to become better innovators, creators, and group members. For example, Myers-Briggs ENTP types should try to stop themselves from occupying the center of attention in comparison to their other group members. Failure to accomplish this can cause resentment and a lack of participation from the rest of the group if they feel as though their ideas aren’t being heard or appreciated. Furthermore, ENTP types can also reign in their arguing and need for flexibility in order to keep ties with the group (and with those who rely on the innovation) healthy and friendly. Lastly, it behooves those with the ENTP type to show their support and thanks for their group’s efforts, contributions, and ideas. (Killen and Williams, 2009, CPP)

By allowing everyone an equal role in the innovative process while still generating creative and future-forward ideas, ENTP types can find themselves in more situations for successful innovation and in greater spirits with their peers.

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Introduction to Type and Innovation. (Damien Killen & Gareth Williams, 2009, CPP Inc.)

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