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How, why, and what we create is very dependent on our personalities, and your Myers-Briggs Type Indicator® test type can tell you a lot about yourself as an innovator. Innovation, or “the implementation of ideas,” can occur at various stages along an innovative process, with each type fitting into their own specific role (Killen and Williams, 2009, CPP). This week, we’ll focus on how the MBTI test Introverted Thinking with Extraverted Sensing (ISTP) types best innovate, and what they can do to become better innovators over time.

ISTP personality types focus their innovation efforts on improving an already present technique or product, making it more efficient and effective at completing its end task and eradicating unnecessary steps or components. They prefer to work within the Define Phase of the Innovation Process, then setting others on their way to complete a well-thought-out plan of attack. They logically deconstruct things in their objective mind, finding a weak link before compiling a way to better it or replace it with something else that makes the task easier and more successful, enjoying the excitement that comes with hands-on innovation and problem-solving. (Killen and Williams, 2009, CPP)

Much like an ISTP types overall personality type, they enjoy innovating independently and by their own terms. This often means that the ISTP type can overlook parameters that may restrain their imaginative abilities. Usually, although they are independent thinkers and doers, ISTP types will be known to welcome logical input from their peers, as long as they are on the same page as the ISTP. They usually don’t share their evaluations with others, however. (Killen and Williams, 2009, CPP)

That’s not to say that they don’t want to hear what others think of their work—as long as it’s positive feedback. They rely on the appreciation of others to boost their confidence and further their innovation efforts. However, they aren’t often quick to do the same for others, which can cause their innovating group and peers to feel standoffish about them, which in turn makes the ISTP feel unsupported in his or her innovation. ISTP types prefer not to get involved in the emotions or social aspects of the innovative group, which helps with focus but hurts communication (Killen and Williams, 2009, CPP)

ISTP personality types also have a hard time with being the front person for whatever they are working on, preferring instead to work behind-the-scenes with just their logical minds. They also prefer to work on one specific task instead of on every step of the innovative process. (Killen and Williams, 2009, CPP)

In order to better themselves as innovators, MBTI test ISTP types should try not to be so openly or objectively critical of others and of the innovative process itself. Instead, letting others know about the steps of innovation that you are working on and how you personally got from Point A to Point B can help everyone understand more of what is happening in the grand scheme. ISTP types should also focus on not rushing through an innovation. (Killen and Williams, 2009, CPP)

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Introduction to Type and Innovation. (Damien Killen & Gareth Williams, 2009, CPP Inc.)

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