Strong Interest Inventory®: Investigative Theme & Basic Interest Scales

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Strong Interest Inventory® Investigative Theme

Scoring highly on certain Basic Interest Scales of the Strong Interest Inventory test can help inform you of the occupations and careers that your interests and preferences best align with. Each Basic Interest Scale (BIS) is categorized by a specific key factor—for example, the Investigative Theme, which includes a handful of BIS’s all having to do with measurement, calculations, or science.

The four BIS’s that correspond with the Investigative theme include Science, Research, Medical Science, and Mathematics. Each of these scales is inherently similar, while incredibly different in that certain people will score highly in one and not the other.

The Science BIS is specifically geared toward two scientific fields: natural science and physical sciences. Those who score highly in this scale often enjoy physics and chemistry, and are known to be adept and find enjoyment in solving problems using a structured, clearly outlined method. These scientific minds are not fond of the written word or mathematics, and often enjoy working independently.

Those who score highly in the Strong Interest Inventory Research Basic Interest Scale like to be at the back-end of scientific matters, developing experiments and studies behind the scenes to answer a question or hypothesis that they have devised. They enjoy finding causal patterns and discovering new information. They are less afraid than the Science scale of working with words, such as when they are developing their reports, and often find enjoyment in analyzing numbers. Depending on their personal preferences, individuals who scored highly in this BIS either enjoy working independently or in a collaborative group, as this field needs both kinds of people.

Not to be confused with the Science scale, the Medical Science BIS aligns with those who are interested in the physical sciences, such as biology, medicine and diagnostics, but not necessarily interested in the human-relations aspect of medicine. They prefer the learning and procedural aspects of medicine over the patient relations aspect—the parts of medicine that require them to have an intensive educational training regiment, in both biology and other sciences such as chemistry and anatomy. Those scoring high in the Medical Science BIS often find themselves in all sorts of medical careers, from dentists and therapists to nurses and educators.

The last Investigative-themed BIS is Mathematics, which is a preference among those who enjoy analyzing numerical values and statistics. Oftentimes, those that score highly in the other Investigative BIS also show an affinity for the Mathematics BIS and vice versa, but that isn’t always the case. Those who are purely mathematically inclined are often connected to some of the BIS’s in the Realistic theme, such as Mechanics and Construction or Computer Hardware.

Overall, those that score highly in the Investigative theme often are interested in solving problems using scientific or mathematical means, using their logic to create methods and experiments to answer questions. The preferences of these people are usually scientifically oriented, and they would enjoy and thrive in a career in medicine, scientific research, engineering, physics, biology, education, dentistry and veterinary fields.

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