Myers-Briggs Type Indicator® Famous ENFJ Celebrity Personality Type Bono

Author: David Shankbone; photo editing by User:Megapixie

Author: David Shankbone; photo editing by User:Megapixie

One Myers-Briggs® Celebrity ENFJ Personality Type is the singer, musician, and activist Paul David Hewson, broadly known as the lead singer of The Rock and Roll Band U2, Bono.

Examining the life and career of Bono shows how he personifies the qualities of the Myers-Briggs Test ENFJ Personality Type.

The ENFJ Personality Type is known for using their Intuition function to take in information by seeing the big picture. This preference manifests itself in an individual’s ability to find meaning and deep connections from information and stimuli that they absorb. Throughout his career, Bono has been able to translate his life experiences and interpretation of his personal, religious, social, and political views into song lyrics that connect strongly with his fans. (Myers, CPP. 1998)

Bono, like others with the ENFJ Personality Type communicate with the outside world using the Feeling function.  He channels his feelings on subjects that are important to him and expresses them with uncensored purity. During his younger years with U2, he channeled his emotions into rebellious rage with his song “Sunday Bloody Sunday” in response to the Enniskillen bombing in November of 1987. He was also known for songs with lyrics that had religious connotations. The ENFJ Type is sensitive to tension and is known to publicly express their feelings. On numerous occasions Bono has been known to draw negative attention by using profanity and has even been fined for creative destruction/vandalism when protesting and sharing his viewpoints. By the early 1990’s, U2’s sound had transformed to covering a more personal tone as Bono channeled his energy into generating attention to philanthropic efforts. (Myers, CPP. 1998)

Bono is one of the most active and recognizable music stars promoting and organizing philanthropic work for social causes around the world. The ENTJ Type is known for filling the role of a sensitive facilitator and Bono has often taken responsibility for organizing other superstars and government bodies to bring attention to causes that he believes need global attention. His performances in the Band Aid and Live Aid project as well as his involvement in Amnesty’s Conspiracy of Hope tour have been well documented. Bono has also taken part in other initiatives, including Product Red, which raises money for the global fund to fight AIDS, Malaria, and Tuberculosis. (Myers, CPP. 1998)

Additional Myers-Briggs® Famous ENFJ Celebrity Personality Types

Myers-Briggs® Famous ENFJ Personality Type Pope John Paul II

Source: Public Papers of the Presidents of the United States - Photographic Portfolio--1993 Vol. II

Source: Public Papers of the Presidents of the United States – Photographic Portfolio–1993 Vol. II

Myers-Briggs ENFJ Personality Types are known to look for and find the best in others while prizing harmony and cooperation. During his 27-year tenure as Pope of the Roman Catholic Church, Famous Myers-Briggs ENFJ Personality Type Pope John Paul II worked tirelessly to improve relations between the world’s major religions. He had a goal, “to place his church at the heart of a new religious alliance that would bring together Jews, Muslims and Christians in a great [religious] armada.” (Myers, CPP. 1998)

The MBTI® Test ENFJ Personality Type is also known to be curious about new ideas and tends to be imaginative and creative. Pope John Paul II was famously open-minded when it came to the topic of Evolution. The Catholic Community general shunned the idea of evolution though Pope John Paul II was generally accepting of it based on developing scientific research. (Myers, CPP. 1998)

Myers-Briggs® Famous ENFJ Celebrity Personality Type Oprah Winfrey

Author: Greg Hernandez Source:

Author: Greg Hernandez

The Myers-Briggs® ENFJ Personality Type is known for being warm, compassionate, and supportive. Celebrity MBTI® ENFJ Personality Type Oprah Winfrey grew her empire by revolutionizing the tabloid talk show genre. She created a much more intimate confessional form of media communication that focused on an emotion-centered approach. (Myers, CPP. 1998)

The MBTI Test ENFJ Personality Type is also known for being inspiring leaders that bring out the best in others. Her presence and influence has led her to be named the most influential woman in the world. Her support of Barack Obama during the 2008 election has been estimated to have delivered him over one million additional votes in the close 2008 Democratic primary race. (Myers, CPP. 1998)

Myers-Briggs® Famous ENFJ Celebrity Personality Type Morgan Freeman

Author: David Sifry Source:

Author: David Sifry

Myers-Briggs® ENFJ Personality Types are known to be good listeners as well as being supportive of others. With this said, they are also known to have very definite values and opinions of their own that they will express clearly. Famous MBTI® ENFJ Personality Type Morgan Freeman is a universally liked and respected actor, but he also has very strong beliefs and has criticized our cultural separation of whites and Americans of other ethnicities. One example was when he stated, “Dr. Martin Luther King is not a black hero. He is an American hero.1 ” (Myers, CPP. 1998)

MBTI ENFJ Types are also known for being expressive, persuasive, and personable. Along with his distinctive voice, Morgan Freeman has been used broadly for his voice-over work whenever a persuasive message needs to be communicated because of his image and persuasive manner. (Myers, CPP. 1998)

Myers-Briggs® Famous ENFJ Celebrity Personality Type Jennifer Lawrence

Author: Gage Skidmore Source:

Author: Gage Skidmore

MBTI® ENFJ Personality Types are known for being warm, trustworthy, and kindhearted. Academy award winning actress and Celebrity ENFJ Personality Type Jennifer Lawrence has been noted for being warm and welcoming even in situations that cause others to shy away. From the red carpet to interviews, she has been noted to give off a best-friend vibe to even complete strangers. (Myers, CPP. 1998)

The Myers-Briggs® ENFJ Personality Type is also known for being energetic, enthusiastic, and very aware of others. As a child, Jennifer Lawrence has stated that she always had excessive energy to the point of suffering form hyperactivity. She is also very aware of the people around her, and uses her way of understanding others as a tool to progress her acting. She has stated that, “I’ve always studied people and been fascinated by their reactions and feelings.2(Myers, CPP. 1998)

Myers-Briggs® Famous ENFJ Celebrity Personality Type Dr. Drew


Myers-Briggs® ENFJ Personality Types are highly attuned to others and use empathy to quickly understand emotional needs, concerns, and motivations. Drew Pinsky, best known as Dr. Drew has spent his career helping others, specializing in rehab and health awareness by utilizing his celebrity status. Celebrity and personal client Andy Dick has stated, “(Dr. Drew) really is just this unbelievably caring guy. He really is. He’s almost too caring.” (Myers, CPP. 1998)

In addition to being helpful, MBTI® Test ENFJ Personality Types such as Dr. Drew are also known for being sociable and personable. This quality helped Dr. Drew rise up from being a standard physician to a celebrity health specialist through his work on his radio show Loveline as well as TV shows such as Celebrity Rehab, Sober House, and Dr. Drew. (Myers, CPP. 1998)

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