The ENTP MBTI® Personality Type and Learning Styles

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The ability to learn quickly on-the-job can make the difference between success and failure, especially the constantly evolving modern workplace. Regardless of your field, from nursing to education, to retail, best practices and industry standards change all the time. Knowing your Myers-Briggs Personality Type Indicator (MBTI®) can help you leverage the learning strategies that will work best for you, so … Read More

The ESFJ MBTI® Personality Type and Learning Styles

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The professional environment today is incredibly competitive. In order to be successful, people need to be able to maintain their current workload while also constantly learning the latest new techniques or being aware of the latest developments in their field. Staying one step ahead of the competition can mean the difference between landing a job or not. As we all … Read More

The ENTJ MBTI® Personality Type and Learning Styles

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Believe it or not, graduation is just the start of most peoples’ educational journey. In today’s fast-paced work environment, learning on-the-job is almost always part of the job. Some vocations, like teachers and nurses, have required continuing education. Others, like carpenters and mechanics have mentorship or apprenticeship programs. Whatever your situation is, discovering your Myers-Briggs® Personality Type (MBTI®) can help … Read More

The ENFP MBTI® Personality Type and Learning Styles

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No matter what you do for a living, you’re always learning on-the-job, whether you’re a retail associate learning a new point of sale system, a medical professional perfecting a new procedure, or a carpenter mastering a new design. How fast you learn new skills can determine how successful you are in the short-term and in your career overall. Using the … Read More

The ESTJ MBTI® Personality Type and Learning Styles

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The modern work environment is demanding and ever-changing. In order to be successful—and stay successful—people need to learn constantly. Whether they are staying up-to-date on professional events, or honing their skills on cutting-edge techniques, individuals’ ability to constantly improve is essential. Even more challenging is doing all of this without falling behind on their current workload. Knowing your Myers-Briggs Type … Read More

The ESTP MBTI® Personality Type and Learning Styles

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People who are successful in today’s constantly changing workplace never stop learning. They keep up with continuing education and are constantly striving to improve themselves and their knowledge of their field. To do this, while maintaining their other responsibilities, successful people master learning strategies. Learning strategies are key to “learning to learn” and can help you learn more effectively and … Read More

The INTJ MBTI® Personality Type and Learning Styles

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Your Myers-Briggs Type Indicator® Personality Type (MBTI®) can provide valuable insights that allow you to improve so many aspects of your life – from your leadership style and decision making to how to stay motivated, even in stressful situations. It can even help you improve how you learn – freeing up hours that would otherwise be spent poring over training … Read More

The INTP Personality Type and Learning Styles

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People with different Myers-Briggs® Personality Types (MBTI® Personality Types) often learn in vastly different ways—from how they stay motivated, to their preferred classroom organization, to their relationships with their peers and instructors. Using insights about your MBTI® Type to streamline your learning experience can help you retain more information faster, and be able to apply it more effectively than ever … Read More

ISFP Personality Types Learning Styles

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Understanding your Myers-Briggs® Personality Type can provide you with invaluable insights into your decision making and leadership style, as we’ve shown in other blog posts, and it can additionally provide you with insight in how you process information, learn and decipher data. In this blog post, we focus on how an ISFP can leverage insights about their MBTI® personality type; helping you … Read More