The ESFJ MBTI® Personality Type and Learning Styles

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The professional environment today is incredibly competitive. In order to be successful, people need to be able to maintain their current workload while also constantly learning the latest new techniques or being aware of the latest developments in their field. Staying one step ahead of the competition can mean the difference between landing a job or not. As we all know, learning can be very time-consuming. That’s where your Myers-Briggs Personality Type Indicator (MBTI®) comes in. People with different MBTIs learn differently, so knowing yours can help you learn faster, so you can get back to making money.

For example, Extraverted-Sensing-Feeling-Judging (ESFJ) personality types are problem solvers. When they see an opportunity to improve the world around them, they seize it and take immediate action. They enjoy spontaneity, and are excited to see the fruits of their labor. Because of their focus on action, they learn most effectively when given the opportunity to apply new information in real-world circumstances. They often lose interest when they only consider theoretical perspectives. For example, if you are an ESFJ and you need to memorize a list of different types of tools or programs, try to find out when you would use each one and consider their benefits or shortcomings. You might even form a study group where you can discuss the topic with other people. If you find yourself in a traditional, lecture-style learning environment, find small ways to improve your own learning experience. For example, you might add a column to your notes where you can jot down questions or possible applications.

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If you have ESFJs in your classroom, consider using a variety of different media, such as audio recordings, videos, and pictures, as well as traditional lecture-style teaching. ESFJs also benefit from activities in which they can improvise, negotiate, or otherwise use new information in creative and dynamic ways, especially with other people. You might even add a time component, since they are motivated by tight deadlines. In general, it may be helpful to focus on designing learning experiences instead of just getting your students to “learn” a series of content bullet points. As a result, field trips, guest speakers, experiments and other experiences that provide opportunities for applying information to real-world contexts are all very helpful to ESFJs. For ESFJs, the goal is for ESFJs to not only remember information, but also to be able to use it when it matters most.

An additional benefit of using an interactive, application-focused approach is that they have built-in feedback. For example, if the goal is to build a bridge or cook a dish correctly, learners will know if they were successful if their dish tastes correct or if the bridge can carry a certain load. If you are providing feedback to an ESFJ, be as specific as possible so they know what to change going forward.

Changing how you learn can take time, but the personal and professional benefits are endless.

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