INFP Personality Types and Learning Styles

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Different people often learn in vastly different ways. Some prefer reading quietly on their own, while others learn through interactive or exploratory group tasks. Some value information that has an immediate application in the real world, while others enjoy the thrill of exploring hypotheticals, even if they are physical and logical impossibilities. Knowing your MBTI® personality type can help you … Read More

Myers-Briggs® ISFJ Personality Types and Learning Styles

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Regardless of your career or field, you are probably familiar with the experience of spending long hours poring over training manuals or textbooks, staring at a computer screen, or taking notes in a training workshop, trying in vain to absorb every bit of information possible. You’ve probably tried different “study techniques” – timing your coffee breaks, or only studying for … Read More

ISTP Personality Types and Learning Styles

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Being familiar with your Myers-Briggs Type Indicator® Personality Type (MBTI®) can help you understand and learn more efficiently. Regardless of the kind of content you need to master or what your personal strengths are, you can leverage your personality type to develop strategies to remember more information faster and more accurately. This post focuses specifically on ISTP Personality Types (Introverted-Sensing-Thinking-Perceiving … Read More

MBTI Types: ISTJ Personalities and Learning Styles

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Every single one of us has at some point in our lives squandered countless hours trying in vain to memorize volumes of information. Whether we are grade-school students studying for exams, professionals seeking a vocational certification, or administrators preparing for presentations, we’ve all tried “studying hard” only to find our efforts fruitless. Luckily, recent breakthroughs in research on Myers-Briggs® Personality … Read More

MBTI® Personality Test and Learning Styles

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Humans are hardwired to learn constantly, in every environment and at every age. However, different people have different learning styles and learn best in different ways. Some prefer to absorb information by quietly reading, while others prefer processing information by talking with others, or by trying to apply the information to accomplish a task. Knowing how you learn best and … Read More