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Jessica Simpson Personality Type

This week marks part seven of our sixteen part series of blogs where we focus on a different Myers-Briggs Type Indicator® test type every single week and examine a Celebrity throughout history that matches those preferences.   Previously, we looked at James Cameron and the Myers-Briggs® ENTP type.  Today we will look at the MBTI® test ISFJ type, which includes Introversion + Sensing + Feeling + Judging, and Singer, actor, and philanthropist; Jessica Simpson.

If you listened to pop music or watched MTV reality TV in the early 2000’s then you may have heard of Jessica Simpson.  She has sold over 20 million albums, starred in a reality TV shows, movies, commercials, and been involved in numerous philanthropic efforts.  By looking at her life you can see examples of her Myers Briggs-Type Indicator ISFJ type.

Jessica is the daughter of a minister/psychologist and has been a strong supporter of her church and the Republican Party as it has been to her family.  This respect for tradition goes hand in hand with the Myers Briggs-Type Indicator ISFJ type’s respect for established procedures and authority, believing that these have persisted because they function well (CPP, 2007).

ISFJs use Feeling to make decisions based on personal values and concerns for others.  They value harmony and cooperation and work to create them (CPP, 2007).  This personality trait has given Jessica the sweet, girl-next-door image that served her extremely well during her career ever since starting as a teenager.

The negative side of becoming a superstar at an early age was her inability to fully develop her Sensing which would naturally be developed through a normal schooling process.  If the Myers Briggs Type Indicator ISFJ type does not develop their sensing they may rush into value judgments or taking care of others without considering realities (CPP, 2007).  Jessica’s highly publicized courtship, marriage, and relationship with then-husband Nick Lachey showcased her difficulties and struggles to keep her personal relationship and career in balance.

Other people see Myers-Briggs Type Indicator ISFJ’s values, their desire for structure, and their kindness (CPP, 2007).  Jessica has been known for her strong family values and her commitment to philanthropic work with Operation Smile and the USO-hosted tour for the troops overseas.

During leisure time, MBTI test ISFJ types are very devoted to significant others and may be the cheering section for another’s sport (CPP, 2007).  Jessica has always been supportive of her significant others in relationships as well as her family.  Most famously, she was known for being a regular sight at Dallas Cowboys games when she dated star quarterback Tony Romo.

If you would like more in depth information on the MBTI ISFJ type or if you would like to find out what your Myers-Briggs Type Indicator test type is then head over to the Personality assessment page and take the MBTI Assessment for an analysis of your type.  And don’t forget to check back for our continuation to part eight of our sixteen part series of Celebrity figures and the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator types they personify.

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Introduction to Type (Isabel Briggs Myers, 1998, CPP Inc.)

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