The Myers-Briggs® ESTJ Personality Type and Innovation

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How, why, and in what way individuals innovate can be directly traced to one’s overall Myers-Briggs Type Indicator® (MBTI®) Personality Type. Understanding and educating yourself on your MBTI Type can help you structure your innovative endeavors into the most successful plan for your personal traits. This week, we’ll learn what kind of innovators Extraverted Thinking with Introverted Sensing (ESTJ) are, and how they can further succeed in their most comfortable stages of the innovative process.

Here, we define innovation as “the implementation of ideas,” including all aspects of the innovative process, such as brainstorming, scheduling and managing, actively creating something, and more, with each MBTI Type utilizing their skills and traits best in a specific area of innovation. (Killen and Williams, 2009, CPP) MBTI ESTJ Types, for example, are often most successful when they are increasing the productivity or efficiency of an already-existing entity, and are very adamant about seeing an innovation through to fruition, even if they must try out numerous prospects to get there.

Myers-Briggs ESTJ Types search for a core quality in their innovations, using this base idea to formulate their innovation and search for an improvement. They are great at motivating others into joining their process. ESTJ Types also have an extremely motivated work ethic and are dependable and responsible team players—often acting as the encourager of the group. They strive for concrete results and solutions, finding ways to add importance and significance to their innovation that may not have existed before. (Killen and Williams, 2009, CPP)

Naturally, there are some components of the innovative process that may thwart a MBTI ESTJ Types creativity and ability to generate original solutions. For example, if they are specifically told that a tried-and-trusted way of doing something is the only way, ESTJ Types can feel less inclined to focus their energy on looking for a new and improved option. Furthermore, MBTI ESTJ Types are often so focused on the task at hand and on the next most beneficial step that they fail to view the full evolution or future of the innovation that they are working on. Their collaborative nature can also backfire occasionally, especially if another group member’s innovation style or lack of understanding causes the ESTJ Type to come to injudicious conclusions about their overall intelligence. (Killen and Williams, 2009, CPP)

To counteract these trouble areas, there are specific tweaks that can be made by the ESTJ Type and his or her peers. For example, it behooves Myers-Briggs ESTJ Types to not jump to any quick conclusions, both in regards to others’ abilities or in the path of their innovation. Furthermore, MBTI ESTJ Types should also work on not trying to solve every problem or question that arises with their innovation—some things are best left unfinished. In terms of an ESTJ Types peers, it is best for the whole team if all team members are confident in their abilities to complete the task at hand, and that they vocalize this often. Furthermore, for a high success rate for ESTJ Types and their teams, accepting change as it comes and allowing for alternatives to the original plan will actually benefit the innovation in the long run, allowing for more idea generation and implementation. (Killen and Williams, 2009, CPP)

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Introduction to Type and Innovation. (Damien Killen & Gareth Williams, 2009, CPP Inc.)

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