How Do Myers-Briggs (MBTI Test) ISTP Personality Types Deal with Change? 

Responding to Organizational Changes as an ISTP Personality Type
ISTP (Introverted-Sensing-Thinking-Perceiving) Personality Types are typically adaptable individuals who enjoy change. They generally prefer to be known as having a flexible demeanor and may see organizational changes as more of a continual technique for accomplishing established goals. Individuals who assess with the MBTI® ISTP Personality Type generally have a talent for effortlessly reacting to organizational needs in an expeditious manner. When sudden changes occur, ISTPs are often the first in a group of people to launch straight into the new ideas. This personality type may also show value to an organization by their innate behavior of coaxing others to join them in their excitement and eagerness to begin a new process. They generally are able to solve any issues which may arise during a transition by using a sound judgment and rationale. However, even though ISTP Personality Types may have the ability to process large amounts of data in a logical way, they also generally prefer the flexibly to adapt to what is going on around them, in order to act decisively. (Barger and Kirby, p.32, 2004, CPP Inc.) They have been known to be “the watchdogs” of their organization, and therefore may feel they know a great deal about the current company problems and may even have devised proposed solutions for them. It is common for individuals who assess with this personality type to enjoy and be motivated by their innate ability to reconstruct and enhance current policies and procedures.

ISTP Personality Types

Learn about ISTP Personality Types and how they handle change.

ISTP Personality Types generally will focus on the day-to-day operations or immediate resolvable issues and may have a tendency to neglect long term goals or ramifications. This is generally due to the innate behavior of an ISTP’s inclination to “live in the moment”. They are traditionally not the type of person who becomes preoccupied with how things functioned previously and may have a tendency to feel on edge around others who need to discuss speculation or controversy relating to proposed organizational adaptations. Additionally, ISTPs have been known to display an unawareness in regard to how their personal behavior may be affecting others and have stated to have difficulty responding to their colleagues’ emotional reactions to change. They may also have a tendency to ignore these behavioral reactions and attempt to redirect others toward moving in the direction of the proposed changes. They generally are skilled at gauging when problems are about to arise and are able to handle them with ease. However, ISTPs may want to skip straight to the finality of a new organizational plan and may feel an adjustment period to be unnecessary. This personality type may feel that in doing so (jumping to finality) they can use the results of such to “reevaluate and regroup” to move forward to the next change. (Barger and Kirby, p.32, 2004, CPP Inc.)  As such, ISTP Personality Types generally do not feel the need to plan every detail in preparation to begin new processes and may also have a tendency to reject other’s plans which seem unreasonable to them.

ISTP Personality Types

Learn about ISTP Personality Types and how they handle change.

MBTI® reported ISTP Personality Types often want to think “outside of the box” and respond best to environments which allow them to take action, with the independence to implement at their own will. They generally will want to work in groups which support equal opportunity, allowing for consistent modification of new ideas. If an individual who assesses as an ISTP is part of an environment that does not support their needs, they may have a tendency to drawback their excitement for the project. They may even display behaviors of sarcasm, critiquing any new developments in a negative fashion. It is also common for these individuals to become pessimistic towards the new project and abandon their passion for its implementation. When an ISTP is excited for a new project and it loses momentum or ceases to exist before the individual is ready to discontinue it, they may feel unappreciated and lose energy towards other projects as well. However, because they feel passionate about the work they have already instilled, they may be able to persuade others to continue to develop the changes for a longer period of time. This personality type’s innate behavioral reaction will commonly be to take the ceased change and to build on its foundation to instill a modified version of it. Overall, ISTPs are leaders in adaptation, and most often do not struggle with changes made within their organization.

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Introduction to Type and Change (Nancy J Barger and Linda K. Kirby, 2004, CPP Inc.)