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Myers-Briggs Type Indicator® Famous ESTJ Celebrity Personality Type Bill O’Reilly

Author: Karppinen

Author: Karppinen

One Myers-Briggs® celebrity ESTJ Personality Type is political commentator and host of top-rated television program The O’Reilly Factor, Bill O’Reilly.

Looking at the career of Bill O’Reilly illustrates how his Myers-Briggs Test ESTJ Personality Type projects into the national spotlight.

ESTJ Personality Types are known for preferring the logic-based Thinking function. This leads the ESTJ Type to prefer an objective approach to life. When tough is required, they have no problem stepping in and being tough.  (Myers, CPP. 1998) 

Throughout his career, Bill O’Reilly has always been a polarizing figure. In true ESTJ Type fashion, he can come off as aggressive in his viewpoints, and although he is widely considered a conservative commentator, his stated goal is to remain objective in his reporting. The combination of his Extraverted and Judging nature has led him to come off as decisive, self-confident, and outspoken. When he is passionate about his stance, he has been known to come off as overpowering, which has turned off some viewers.

ESTJ Personality Types also gather factual, sense-based information through their Sensing preference. (Myers, CPP. 1998)

This concept manifests itself in Bill O’Reilly’s focus on the present. O’Reilly, channeling his inner Sensing preference, prefers to deal with the real and actual. Combined with his Judging preference, this has led him to create a systemic and procedural method to his reporting that is very by-the-facts. His “accurate” reporting of the facts generally took precedent over any personal ramifications that the targets of his comments may receive.

In 2002, he targeted rapper Ludacris and his lyrics, as well as his sponsor Pepsi. Bill O’Reilly’s strong influences led Pepsi to fire Ludacris the next day. Bill O’Reilly had also been extremely critical of the United Way of America and the American Red Cross of their handling of millions of donations after the September 11 attacks. This all led to actor George Clooney accusing O’Reilly of misstating facts and harming relief efforts by inciting “panic” among many potential donors. It would not be the only time that Bill O’Reilly would be accused of distorting facts or using biased statistics by political opposition.

Individuals may not always agree with Bill O’Reilly, but like the traditional ESTJ Type, people will rarely have to wonder where he stands on a topic.

Additional Myers-Briggs® Famous ESTJ Celebrity Personality Types

Myers-Briggs® Famous ESTJ Personality Type Martha Stewart

Author: David Shankbone

Author: David Shankbone

Myers-Briggs ESTJ Personality Types are known to like the act of organizing projects, procedures, and operations and then acting to get things done. (Myers, CPP. 1998)

Famous Myers-Briggs ESTJ Personality Type Martha Stewart is an American business magnate who ranks as one of the most financially successful women in the world. She built her empire through her work in publishing and broadcasting, as well as electronic commerce ventures. Publicly, she is best known for her numerous best sellers, her Martha Stewart Living magazine, and her syndicated talk show, Martha.

The MBTI Test ESTJ Type is also known for being rational and objectively critical, sometimes to a fault. Martha Stewart self-assessed her Thinking preference and obsessive ways when she said, ” I’m a maniacal perfectionist.1″ (Myers, CPP. 1998)

Myers-Briggs® Famous ESTJ Personality Type Michelle Obama

Author: Official White House Photo by Chuck Kennedy

Author: Official White House Photo by Chuck Kennedy

Myers-Briggs ESTJ Personality Types are known for being practical and matter-of-fact. They also take relationship and family roles seriously and fulfill them responsibly. (Myers, CPP. 1998)

Famous Myers-Briggs ESTJ Personality Type and current U.S. First Lady Michelle Obama has always been very up front about her beliefs and even with her responsibilities as First Lady, she always puts her family first. She is quoted in saying, “You see, at the end of the day, my most important title is still ‘mom-in-chief.’ My daughters are still the heart of my heart and the center of my world.2″

The MBTI Test ESTJ Type is also known for being quite gregarious and has few issues with social interactions. This came in handy for Michelle Obama when she decided to downsize her personal career plans in order to support her husband on the campaign trail. At one point, she attended thirty-three events in eight days. She also made numerous speaking appearances in addition to doing interviews on shows such as The View and in publications such as Ladies’ Home Journal. (Myers, CPP. 1998)

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