Myers-Briggs Type Indicator® Famous ENFP Celebrity Personality Type Walt Disney

Portrait of Walt Disney, 1 January 1954 Here is a picture of Walter Disney cropped from a NASA photograph

Portrait of Walt Disney, 1 January 1954 Here is a picture of Walter Disney cropped from a NASA photograph

One Myers-Briggs® Celebrity ENFP Personality Type is the founder of The Walt Disney Company, Walt Disney.

Walt Disney and the work that he created personified the ENFP Type and his vision thrives to this day. The strengths and weaknesses of the MBTI Test ENFP Personality Type is what led to the unique identity of the Disney brand that so well reflected the MBTI Type of Walt Disney.

The ENFP Personality Type has a Feeling preference and is empathetic and compassionate. This leads individuals, like Walt Disney, to apply their personal values to their decision making process. Walt Disney was great at Identifying and empathizing with others and this mentality was projected into his work. His biggest physical creation, Disneyland, is known as, “The Happiest Place on Earth” and focuses on strong family values and a warm, friendly, environment for all to enjoy. (Myers, CPP. 1998)

The creation of Disneyland was also in part possible because of Walt Disney’s Intuition function which he used to orientate toward future possibilities. This staple of the Myers-Briggs® ENFP Personality Type is often associated with innovation. In addition to being a creative and imaginative innovator, Walt Disney also had an amazing level of energy that he directed into getting his projects underway. This allowed him to realize so many of the exciting possibilities that he would dream up. (Myers, CPP. 1998)

While the strengths of the ENFP Type brought the dreams of Walt Disney to life, the weaknesses of the ENFP Personality Type almost ruined him on numerous occasions. The ENFP Type emphasizes less on the logical Thinking function and fact-focused Sensing function. Walt Disney was a dreamer, but his dreams didn’t always fully take into consideration whether they would be financially realistic. Walt Disney’s first company Laugh-O-Gram-Studio failed when it’s profits could not cover the high salaries of it’s employees. In addition, numerous times in his lifetime, Walt Disney’s partners and employees jumped ship to rival companies. Not everyone was as value and morally focused as Walt Disney when making decisions. Fortunately, Walt Disney’s preferences also led him to take his biggest gamble, which would lay the foundation to his greatest successes. In 1934, Walt Disney started planning a full-length animated feature, Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs. Everyone told Walt Disney that the plan was a financial disaster waiting to happen. It almost bankrupted the company, though fortunately it ended up being a giant success and jumpstarted what many called the Golden Age of animation. (Myers, CPP. 1998)

Throughout his life, Walt Disney was adaptable and could react spontaneously to issues as they arose. As a pioneer in mainstream animation, he had few established parameters to follow which suited his Perceiving preference just fine. Coupled with Walt Disney’s other preferences, this led to the creation of a creative environment that gave way to one of the most recognizable brands in the world. (Myers, CPP. 1998)

Additional Myers-Briggs® Famous ENFP Celebrity Personality Types

Myers-Briggs® Famous ENFP Celebrity Personality Type Ellen DeGeneres

Attribution : © Glenn Francis,

Attribution : © Glenn Francis,

ENFP Personality Types are gifted at understanding how groups and people function. When Famous MBTI® ENFP Personality Type Ellen DeGeneres transitioned from comedy to daytime television, her talk show The Ellen DeGeneres Show exploded with popularity. Her connections with people, which she often exhibited by dancing and singing with the audience, led the show to win 25 Emmy Awards within it’s first three years. (Myers, CPP. 1998)

The ENFP Type also likes to please people and will adapt to others’ needs and wishes when possible. Ellen DeGeneres has been known to give away free prizes and trips to her audience members and even celebrated her thirty-year class reunion by flying her graduating class to be guests on her show in California. (Myers, CPP. 1998)

Myers-Briggs® Famous ENFP Personality Type Mark Twain

Author: Mathew Brady

Author: Mathew Brady

ENFP Personality Types are known to be creative and imaginative. Famous Personality Type author and humorist Mark Twain known pieces of work, The Adventures of Tom Sawyer and Adventures of Huckleberry Finn are noted as great American novels. (Myers, CPP. 1998)

The MBTI® Test ENFP Personality Type is also known to be very perceptive and insightful about the present as well as the future. Mark Twain famously predicted his own fate in 1909 when he said, “I came in with Halley’s Comet in 1835. It is coming again next year, and I expect to go out with it. It will be the greatest disappointment of my life if I don’t go out with Halley’s Comet.1” Mark Twain died of a heart attack on April 21, 1910, one day after the comet’s closest approach to Earth. (Myers, CPP. 1998)

Myers-Briggs®  Famous ENFP Celebrity Personality Type Oliver Stone

Author: Luca Filoni

Author: Luca Filoni

Myers-Briggs® ENFP Personality Types are known for looking at life as a imaginative adventure full of exciting possibilities. Famous Celebrity Personality Type Filmmaker Oliver Stone based some of his best-known directorial efforts off of personal experience. His Academy Award winning Vietnam era classic Platoon was a semi-autobiographical film about his personal combat experience in Vietnam. He had willingly requested combat duty and served from September 1967 through November 1968 and earned numerous military medals and distinctions. (Myers, CPP. 1998)

The MBTI Test ENFP Personality Type is also known for experiencing a wide range of feelings and intense emotions. This energy was channeled for both the good and the bad. On the down side it manifested itself with drug and alcohol issues throughout Oliver Stone’s life, though on the positive side it was channeled into the inspired and unique filmmaking that is synonymous with his work. (Myers, CPP. 1998)

Myers-Briggs® Famous ENFP Celebrity Personality Type Robin Williams

Author: Eva Rinaldi

Author: Eva Rinaldi

Myers-Briggs® ENFP Personality Types are innovative and highly prolific in their attitude towards life. Comedian and actor Robin Williams has always channeled his creative energy into his standup comedy and acting career. His life and career has been a roller coaster filled with highs, including Academy Awards, as well as lows filled with admitted drug and alcohol addiction. (Myers, CPP. 1998)

The MBTI® Test ENFP Personality Type has also been known to be spontaneous, versatile, and Enthusiastic. Robin Williams personifies these qualities in many of his acting and comedic roles that are full of energy and often improvised, including famous roles such as his voice over of Genie in the Disney movie Aladdin and his classic cross-dressing role in Mrs. Doubtfire. (Myers, CPP. 1998)

Myers-Briggs® Famous ENFP Celebrity Personality Type Sandra Bullock

Author: Richard Goldschmidt

Author: Richard Goldschmidt

Myers-Briggs® ENFP Personality Types are known for initiating projects and directing great energy into getting them started. Academy Awarding winning Actress Sandra Bullock has diversified her interests past her initial interest in acting. She has channeled her energy and efforts into running her own production company, Fortis Films, founded her own restaurant, Bess Bistro, as well as opening Walton’s Fancy and Staple, a bakery and floral shop. (Myers, CPP. 1998)

MBTI Test ENFP Personality Types such as Sandra bullock are also active and passionate. Sandra Bullock has channeled this energy throughout her life, starting with opera singing as a child, cheerleading in high school, and later acting. (Myers, CPP. 1998)

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1. Albert Bigelow Paine. “Mark Twain, a Biography”. Retrieved June 24 2014.

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