MBTI® Test ENFP Reporters or Correspondents

Strong Interest Inventory® General Occupational Theme Code: Artistic, Enterprising, Investigative (AEI) (GOT)

According to Hammer (1996), Extraverted-Intuition-Feeling-Perceiving (ENFP) Myers-Briggs Types are outgoing and energetic individuals who enjoy working with others and tend to have a large network of contacts. They are also highly adaptable and are able to find creative solutions to the most unexpected problems. These personality preferences among others, can make ENTP Myers-Briggs Types a good fit as reporters or correspondents.

Image courtesy of bluebay at FreeDigitalPhotos.net

Image courtesy of bluebay at FreeDigitalPhotos.net

Reporters are responsible for collecting the facts about events that are newsworthy by interviewing individuals or observing them first-hand and then using the information they gather to write stories for newspapers, television channels, or other news outlets. Generally, they receive tips or assignments from their supervisors, and then research the story’s background in order to paint a more clear and complete picture of events that transpired. They also arrange interviews with individual eyewitnesses or experts, and transcribe relevant parts of those interviews for reporting. They may also take videos or photographs of interviewees or sites that are relevant to their story. Finally, once all the legwork is done, reporters produce the actual article or news broadcast and send it to their supervisors for review. Nowadays, they may also post it online as well.

Reporters use a variety of different recording devices to collect their data and document their stories. For instance, digital or hand-held camcorders, cameras, or video cameras are often used, as well as cell phones, microphones, and others. They also use computers and tablets to communicate with other reporters, their interviewees, and their supervisors instantaneously. Reporters use many different kinds of software as well, including Microsoft Office Suite, which is now ubiquitous in the workplace, as well as analytical software (e.g., SPSS), database user and query software (e.g., Filemaker Pro), Map creation software (e.g., ESRI ArcView), Video creating and editing software (e.g., Final Cut Pro), or even web software and social media (e.g., Facebook, YouTube, Twitter).

In addition to familiarity with these various types of software, reporters also need a strong foundation in the English language, as well as in communications and media. It is also helpful to have a background in law and government, particularly since many legal cases are present in the news. Reporters may also need some level of knowledge about technology and telecommunications, especially if they work in radio or television broadcasting.

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Because of the relatively high level of technical experience and content knowledge needed to be a reporter or correspondent, the majority of reporters hold at least a bachelor’s degree. Some (roughly 5%) hold an associate’s, and the same percentage have completed some college, but never earned an actual degree.

Below are some employment trends for Reporters or Correspondents:

  • Median wage: $22.25 hourly, $46,270 annually
  • Employment: 42,800 employees
  • Projected growth (2018-2028): Decline (-2% or lower)
  • Projected job openings (2018-2028): 4,400

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