Choose A College Efficiently, In An Age Of Increasing Costs

In College Prep by Leon Jesmanowicz, Vice-President

The cost of attending College as been steadily increasing

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For many individuals efficiently choosing a college can be one of the most important and daunting tasks that they experience. Important questions come up. What major to choose? Public or Private institution? In-state or out-of-state college? All these factors are made more complicated by the constantly increasing costs associated with a college education. With all these factors it is important that once you make your decision, it is the right one for you. Here at Career Assessment Site we provide you with assessments that can help you decide your optimal career and collegiate path based on your personality type and interests. First some information to consider:

According to the most affordable option is a public (in-state) four year education will set you back an average of $8,655. Go out of state and it rises to $21,706. Choose private and you are looking at an average cost of $29,056. Want a highly competitive private institution? The price skyrockets. No matter the option you choose, college is an important and expensive decision. Once you make the decision on the college you wish to attend, it is important to make sure that your time at College is well spent. Optimally you want to find a career path to target and then find an educational pathway that best prepares you for your targeted career.  Picking the wrong major can potentially lead to wasted time and money or at worst make you ill prepared for the career you end up pursuing.

At Career Assessment Site we work to provide you with information that is aimed to help you pick the right career and college path in order to save you both time and money in the long run. The Myers-Briggs Type Indicator career based reports provide you with potential career matches based on your innate personality type. The Strong Interest Inventory based reports provide you with career and college based recommendations based on your interests.  When both sets of information are combined you get a powerful individualized set of reports aimed to help you make your career and College decisions more accurately and effectively.

The aforementioned set of reports is available in our best selling combined career and college report package. This package includes the MBTI Career Report, Strong Interest Inventory College Profile, and the Combined Strong and MBTI Career Report, providing you with three powerful viewpoints when making your career and college decision.

Develop a new understanding on how you work and think to benefit your college experience with the MBTI test below:

Plan your collegiate and career future based on your interests with additional analysis and guidance from the Strong Interest Inventory Report below:

Choose a college major that works best with your interests, and then plan a rewarding career to follow your college career with the report below:

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