How MBTI® Personality Types Choose College Majors

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Students trying to choose a college majorThe MBTI Test and College Majors

MBTI® Types vary in many ways and this holds true for their college major selection process. Whether it is which college majors they choose, or the decision-making process they go through to choose such college majors, college students vary in both processes.

We have previously discussed the varying choices of college major curriculum by Personality Type in our blog entitled “How To Use MBTI Type To Choose A College major.”To visit this blog and read about the varying college major choices per personality type, click Here.

In this blog we will discuss the process in which different college students go through to determine their major per their MBTI Personality Type.

EJ Personality Types

EJ MBTI Personality Types include The ESTJ, ESFJ, ENFJ and ENTJ Types.  It does not take these types long to address their major decision as they begin this process almost immediately once arriving at college. Often, they will begin this decision-making process wanting to declare a major by the end of the first semester! Though chivalries in nature, declaring a major this early does indeed have its drawbacks. For you EJ Types, you might run into some issues with your first major choice in your second year and panic. Don’t Panic! Often enough, if EJ Types discover that their first major choice is not working out they will rush into another college major and not think it through.

College Major Tip For EJ Personality Types:

Slow Down! Gather Information, take your time and make an informed decision. Don’t rush your decisions and don’t be hasty.

EP Personality Types

EP MBTI Personality Types include The ESTP, ESFP, ENFP and ENTP Types. These types prefer to have plenty of options when it comes to college majors, and in fact are empowered by changing their minds.

This can cause issues however, as they tend to get overloaded with too many options. They often talk their way through the decision-making process, and generally take nothing off the table, leaving all college curriculums as options to them. This can be difficult for parents who tend to see them as indecisive and sporadic.  These Types jump into majors as a starting point and switch majors several times before making a final decision.

College Major Tip For EP Personality Types

Try to stay focused as much as you can, and hone in on a couple of choices, not staying too broad in your decisions.  Talk things through with a career counselor and match your personality strengths with your major decision.

IJ Personality Types

IJ MBTI Personality Types include The ISTJ, ISFJ, INFJ and INTJ Types. These Types tend to make long thought out decisions when making a college major choice. They research, often consulting books and other resources. Once they make their choice they tend to not sway, but stick by their decision to no avail. IJ Types are very detail oriented and this shows in their decision-making process.  They tend to close out others and research on their own, surprising others with their major choice. It is unusual that an IJ will include others until their decision is made.  They include their values in their decision as well and might come off standoffish to feeling (F) Types.

College Major Tip For IJ Personality Types

If you find yourself having a difficult time deciding on a major, and becoming overwhelmed with details, seek out help. This might be a little foreign to you, but seek out the help of a college or career counselor to aid in the decision-making process and try not to completely close yourself off from the outer world. Take in some ideas, just a few, from the outer world if you can, especially from a certified counselor and perhaps from those who know you best.

IP Personality Types

IP MBTI Personality Types include ISTP, ISFP, INFP and INTP Types.  These Types usually extend their decision, take their time on their own clock and review their options. Generally, they resist deadlines placed upon them by outsiders.  They do not do well with finality and move forward only knowing that their options are still open. These Types are career changers and seek life-long knowledge and inspiration.

College Major Tip For IP Personality Types

At times, let others in. You might need a small push from others to make a decision. Though you might feel the need to keep your options forever open due to your Perceiving (P) preference, don’t allow this to disable you from making a decision, at least in the short term.

All Types of people have their strengths and their weaknesses and this holds true for the 16 MBTI Personality Types when choosing a college major.  No one Type is better then another, we are simply different from one another, there is no better or worse, just differences. It is best to focus on your strengths, though allow yourself a little room to go away from your comfort zone to improve your chances at success in college and otherwise. The best of luck to all of you students at being the best you can be and choosing the path that is right for you.

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