MBTI® Test and Choosing College Majors

In College Prep, MBTI by Jonathan Bollag, Owner and Founder

"Image courtesy of phasinphoto / FreeDigitalPhotos.net".

“Image courtesy of phasinphoto / FreeDigitalPhotos.net”.

In our last post, we discussed How to Use The Myers-Briggs Type Indicator® test (MBTI® test) to Make Decisions in College. Now that we know the MBTI Type is reliable through college and well after, how can you use that information in choosing a college major? Have your MBTI test results handy, and use the information below to learn more about your strengths and which fields suit those strengths. Haven’t taken the test yet? You can take the MBTI here, and come back when you’re finished!

Which studies are right for me?


If your Myers-Briggs Type Indicator results include the middle letters of S-T, your fields of study and job areas include, but are not limited to:

  • Management/Business
  • Accounting/Banking
  • Law Enforcement
  • Engineering
  • Skilled Trades

Your S-T Type is your Sensing and Thinking Type. Remember that your Sensing Type means that you tend to use your senses when gathering information. Sensing Types prefer real and tangible information. Your Myers-Briggs Type Indicator Thinking Type leans towards making decisions through logical analysis and facts.


Should you be assessed as having an S-F Type or Sensing and Feeling, the following fields of study and job areas would be applicable:

  • Health Care
  • Teaching
  • Religious Service
  • Office Work
  • Community Service

Recall that your F or Feeling Type equates to what you base decisions on, whereas if you fall into this category, you will generally make decisions on how your choices will affect others as well as yourself as you are empathetic and compassionate most of the time.


Should you fall into the N-F or Intuitive and Feeling category, your fields of study and job categories would include:

  • Counseling/Human Services
  • Art and Music
  • Writing/Journalism
  • Behavioral Sciences
  • Education

Take into account your N or Intuitive Type. N Types are known for characteristics including looking towards the future and future possibilities and N types are generally imaginative and verbally creative.


Lastly, persons who assess and fall into the N-T category are proven to focus and partake in the following fields of study and job categories:

  • Law
  • Physical Science
  • Computers
  • Management
  • Research

It is important to remember that The Myers-Briggs Type Indicator test is here to expand on your horizons and not to close opportunities or beliefs you might have. The MBTI test should not be used to constrain you from making choices that you feel strongly about. Even though the job categories as they pertain to Type are known to be your best fit type, this does not mean that other job categories should be removed from your list if you feel strongly about a job choice that might fall slightly out of your personality type best-fit job and study areas.

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