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"Image courtesy of Simon Howden /".

“Image courtesy of Simon Howden /”.

The Strong Interest Inventory ® test uses a variety of Basic Interest Scales to measure an individual’s personal preferences and interests, which can then be applied to helping people find a career that they will find enjoyable and fulfilling. These Basic Interest Scales (BIS’s) are divided into different themes, each encompassing an underlying quality that connects them. Knowing the details of the themes and BIS’s that you are strongly inclined to can help you further construct a career path that will make you happy in the long run. This week, we’ll break down the Artistic Theme, which includes the  Visual Arts & Design, Performing Arts, Writing & Mass Communications, and Culinary Arts Basic Interest Scales.

Creative-minded individuals usually fall into these Basic Interest Scales, enjoying the process of making products or written documents. Whether crafting a new culinary creation, sculpting a slab of marble, entertaining an audience, or developing a news story, those who score high in the Artistic Theme are imaginative, inventive, and original. (Donnay et al., 2005, CPP, 55)

The Visual Arts & Design BIS is often associated with those enjoy creating something visually or spatially stimulating that can be used for profit, whether that involves creating a tangible product or a design for something that will be built in the future. Those who score high on this BIS may also enjoy participating in other areas of the arts, such as design, photography, architecture, visual arts, and fine arts. (Donnay et al., 2005, CPP, 56)

Those who scored high on the Strong Interest Inventory Performing Arts BIS enjoy performing in front of an audience, as well as becoming other characters. Not only do these people enjoy putting on a show for an audience, but they also enjoy watching others perform. The Performing Arts BIS encompasses verbal, musical, dance, dramatic and theatrical performances, whether on a stage, in front of a camera, or through their words on a page. Interestingly enough, many of those who score high on this BIS enjoy English literature and writing, which makes the Performing Arts BIS and the Writing & Mass Communications BIS similar. (Donnay et al., 2005, CPP, 56)

The Writing & Mass Communications BIS is commonly associated with those individuals who enjoy the written word in all of its forms, whether that’s reading, writing, or speaking. They enjoy using their imaginations to create various written concepts and products, and enjoy communicating to others. Because communication is such an important part of the work force, scoring high in this BIS can be beneficial for a variety of careers. Those who score highest in this BIS, however, are usually meant for occupations that have to do with writing, teaching writing, communicating, and studying the way that people communicate. (Donnay et al., 2005, CPP, 56)

The Culinary Arts BIS is common among those individuals who enjoy cooking and bringing others together for meals. Those who score high on the BIS usually find themselves successful in all areas of the food business, whether they are the ones making the food, serving the food, creating specialized menus, or managing those in the food industry. (Donnay et al., 2005, CPP, 57)

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