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Strong Interest Inventory® General Occupational Theme Code: Investigative, Realistic, Social (IRS) (GOT)

Excelling in a career as a dentist takes skill, constant continuing education, and the personality to go with it. While many may think that the latter of these is not important, one’s Myers-Briggs Type Indicator® (MBTI® test) personality type can have a great effect on one’s sustainability at their job. For example, the listening, caring, organized, and sensitive nature of the Introverted-Intuitive-Feeling-Judging (INFJ) Myers-Briggs test types helps such person’s function quite comfortably in the dental field as dentists.

Image courtesy of dream designs at FreeDigitalPhotos.net

Image courtesy of dream designs at FreeDigitalPhotos.net

An occupation as a dentist requires more than just cleaning teeth—in fact, dentists work much as a doctor would, diagnosing any medical issues that may arise in the teeth, gums, mouth and jaw, pertaining to dental tissues, nerves, teeth, and other components of dental hygiene. Along with checking teeth for cavities, malformations, breakage, and disease, dentists also fit dental apparatuses designed to help prevent further damage to one’s teeth. Depending on the patient, dentists could perform tasks ranging from administering anesthetics, performing dental examinations, reviewing x-rays, developing treatment plans, treating gum disease or other oral diseases, discussing preventative care with patients, writing prescriptions, and developing prosthodontics mechanisms.

A career as a dentist requires knowledge of several subjects and tools. Dentists are required to know their way around dental probes and forceps, as well as any new technology as it develops. Many dentists, especially those with their own practices, also need to be comfortable using accounting software, web browsers, and of course medical software (e.g., AlphaDent; DentiMax; Windent SQL, etc.) in order to ensure that the managerial and logistical aspects of their practice also run smoothly.

Of course, a background in biology, medicine, chemistry, and psychology is also imperative to this work environment. Depending on if the dentist owns his or her own practice, further knowledge is required, including managerial skills, accounting, and human resources. Extremely important as well, customer service skills are necessary to keep patients coming in, feeling welcome, and referring new patients.

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Other important skills include making judgment calls on treatment, solving problems related to oral hygiene and various diseases, and physical skills such as coordination and dexterity. Finally, strong communication skills, both orally and in writing, are absolutely necessary to communicate with patients and staff, as well as to complete the necessary exams and professional development required for certification as a dentist. In extreme cases, a basic knowledge of the law, especially laws relating to medicine or medical malpractice, can be beneficial. Because of the medical nature of this occupation, a doctoral or professional degree is almost always required.

Below are some employment trends for Dentists:

  • Median wage: $74.81 hourly, $155,600 annually
  • Employment: 136,900 employees
  • Projected growth (2018-2028): Faster than average (7% to 10%)
  • Projected job openings (2018-2028): 5,300

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