Myers-Briggs® Test ISFJ Personality Type and Innovation

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ISFJ Personality Type and Innovation

Different people and personality types prefer to approach innovation in a variety of ways, including innovation for themselves or for others. Each Myers-Briggs® Test Type has their own way of innovating, with strengths and weaknesses that can both help and hinder innovation. Learning about your MBTI® Type’s innovation tendencies can help you become more efficient and imaginative in your creative processes. This week, we’ll discuss how ,Introverted Sensing with Extraverted Feeling, ISFJ Personality Types best think of new ideas, make these ideas come to fruition, and innovate

We’ll talk about innovation in regards to creativity, or the thinking of new ideas, and the implementation of those ideas (Killen and Williams, 2009, CPP). The Innovation of the ISFJ Personality Type usually has to do with making something or some practice more helpful and productive, whether that means working off of an existing idea or creating a completely new one altogether. They work best in the Deliver Phase of the Innovation process.

The Innovating ISFJ Type is dependable, logical, and uses a good deal of common sense when making decisions or thinking of ideas. They are accommodating and reliable, working to create new ideas and implementations out of a growing need for a better product or practice. Often times, MBTI® Test ISFJ Personality Types would rather work more as a support system for those who would like to innovate instead of doing so themselves (Killen and Williams, 2009, CPP).

ISFJ Personality Types are particularly good at finding problems that need to be solved in a timely manner, as well as creating solutions to problems in design or procedure in certain practices, utilizing their knowledge to work toward making something better, even if it’s sufficient to begin with. They are very realistic with their aspirations, and are particularly adept at listening to other innovators and encouraging them in their endeavors. (Killen and Williams, 2009, CPP)

Sometimes, certain factors can get in the way of an ISFJ Personality Type’s ability to innovate. These can include problems with the innovation team or the atmosphere in which they are working, lack of trust for those who do not have the same tendency toward logical problem-solving that the ISFJ Types have, and saving innovations for only those times when it’s absolutely necessary instead of just being creative for the fun or thrill of it. They may lack faith in a project if they don’t see results, or if those results are too far away to be sure of. (Killen and Williams, 2009, CPP)

Thankfully, there are certain things that MBTI ISFJ Types can do to overcome these shortcomings in innovation. By keeping an open mind to ideas that aren’t necessarily clear and plausible at the beginning, the ISFJ Type may discover creative solutions that they would never have stumbled upon otherwise. Furthermore, it behooves the ISFJ Personality Type not to jump into decisions when there may be a different, more effective solution than their previous idea. ISFJ Types should also let their peers know what they need from them, including clear direction, support, esteem, and understanding of where the ISFJ is coming from. By working on their weaknesses and playing off of their logic and abilities, ISFJ Types can become incredible innovators, helping people along the way (Killen and Williams, 2009, CPP).

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Introduction to Type and Innovation. (Damien Killen & Gareth Williams, 2009, CPP Inc.)

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