How Do Myers-Briggs (MBTI Test) INFJ Personality Types Deal with Change? 

Responding to Organizational Changes as an INFJ Personality Type
INFJ (Introverted-Intuitive-Feeling-Judging) Personality Types tend to be visual people who are known to use their imagination in order to create innovative solutions for compounded matters. Individuals who assess with this personality type may tend to prioritize others’ wants and needs over their own, commonly creating an elevated personal level of appreciation for others. INFJs may respond positively to changes and developments which occur within their organizations or inner circles. Individuals with this personality type have stated that changes prompt them to tap into their inner imagination, so as to allow them the ability to develop policies and procedures which affect others favorably.

INFJ Personality Types

Learn about INFJ Personality Types and how they handle change.

However, when in regard to implementing changes, an INFJ will generally want a considerable amount of time to allow the new information to blend into the vision they have previously devised. INFJs have been known to be very valuable in a time of change because they are skilled in developing plans to carry out necessary alterations, all the while taking everyone’s concerns and anxieties related to the developments into consideration. This is especially true when the organizational alterations coincide with an INFJs Intuitive sense of what they believe is necessary for success. If an INFJ disagrees with the proposed alterations, they may prefer to not involve themselves with carrying out the specifics and may even become argumentative toward its execution. When an INFJ feels that an idea is merited, they generally will follow through with both conviction and undisputable passion toward their inspirations. These individuals may also have one-on-one communications with the other members of their organization to motivate them to “come on board” to their vision. It is common for INFJs to “find a part for everyone to play” (Barger and Kirby, p.30, 2004, CPP Inc.) They generally will see the significance of a change by its effect on the grand scheme of their organization and are known to keep an open mind to trying new ideas.
During a time of change, INFJs may want a little space and time to allow the transition to set in. However, due to their heightened Judging Function, they also generally have no trouble adhering to strict deadlines. Individuals who assess as this personality type are known to accept changes for the opportunities that they present, with a focus on the positive outcomes a transition can imply but may become agitated if the innovation is without a plan of action or a generalized goal in mind. They may want to tweak ideas while they are being implemented in order to improve on their origination. INFJs have been known to contribute during organizational changes by having an innate ability to “see an opportunity, grab it, and run with it”. (Barger and Kirby, p.30, 2004, CPP Inc.) They are commonly the type of people who can provide structure and ensure a resolution has taken place. They generally like the growth process and want to be included in everything a change generates.

INFJ Personality Types

Learn about INFJ Personality Types and how they handle change.

They have been known to have the ability to shift from one project to another without feeling uneasy or unaccomplished. This may be due to INFJs common behavior of looking toward what lies ahead with excitement and anticipation. However, if an INFJ is placed on a team with members who do not share their excitement for the future, they may become closed off and judgmental. INFJ Personality Types also generally have trouble with setbacks and most will want to keep moving forward without discussing minor details. Most INFJs will want to be recognized for their involvement with a transition and may become uncooperative if they feel they are being excluded. However, these individuals are known to be immensely supportive for their peers and coworkers. They may have trouble when working with others who become hung up on one portion of a transition or refuse to complete a phase, in order to move to the next item of business. When this happens, an INFJ may have an innate tendency to disengage from further discussions, and even keep important information to themselves. They may also revert to speaking to each member of their organization on a one-on-one basis in order to get each member to individually join their cause. This method will help an INFJ to slowly have all parts working toward one main goal. Generally, INFJs will feel at ease during transitions as long as they are included in the innerworkings of the transition and are consistently moving towards closure.

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Introduction to Type and Change (Nancy J Barger and Linda K. Kirby, 2004, CPP Inc.)