Myers-Briggs Type Indicator® Famous ISFP Celebrity Personality Type Michael Jackson

Author: Keir Whitaker

Author: Keir Whitaker

One Myers-Briggs® Celebrity ISFP Personality Type is “The King of Pop,” Michael Jackson.

By examining his life and career, we can see how he personifies the qualities of the Myers-Briggs test ISFP Personality Type.

ISFP Personality Types are known for their Feeling preference. They are kind and considerate while coming off as very sensitive and gentle to onlookers. The ISFP Type finds it important to contribute to people’s well being and bliss. (Myers, CPP. 1998)

Michael Jackson was polarizing during his lifetime, but there is no denying that millions loved him. It is no coincidence that the Guinness World Records lists him as the most successful entertainer of all time. His legions of fans led to over 400 million records sold, and his music talent led him to win hundreds of awards, including 13 Grammy Awards and 26 American Music Awards. Those close to him spoke of him as an extremely kind and shy person. Accounts from his children paint the picture of an extremely involved and caring father. He spent a vast portion of his fortune on helping and supporting those close to him, as well as on his numerous philanthropic ventures.

ISFP Personality Types also have a Sensing preference and are aware of the realities of the present, including those of the people and the world around them. The ISFP Type’s ability to pick up on and connect with the feelings and needs of others allows them to respond based on their well-defined values. Michael Jackson was able to pick up on the needs of others, but it did not always end well for him. His great affection and generosity toward children and children’s charities was both praised and criticized for its potential inappropriateness. Michael Jackson’s family also had a bad reputation for taking advantage of his financial generosity and general giving nature. Fighting and disagreements over his estate continue to this day. (Myers, CPP. 1998)

ISFP types also have a strong affinity for nature and the beauty of all living things. Michael Jackson custom built a grandiose residence/personal theme park named Neverland Ranch that he often used for charity tours. This park included within its 2800 acre lot, among other things, a fully operational zoo with animals ranging from elephants and monkeys to giraffes and reptiles, all in a beautiful plant-rich environment. Up until Neverland Ranch’s closure in 2008, the park represented a combined vision of Michael Jackson’s generosity and his appreciation of life and nature. (Myers, CPP. 1998)

Additional Myers-Briggs® Famous ISFP Celebrity Personality Types

Myers-Briggs® Famous ISFP Personality Type Brad Pitt

Author: Eva Rinaldi

Author: Eva Rinaldi

Myers-Briggs ISFP Personality Types are known for valuing the freedom to do things their own way and extending that same freedom and tolerance to others. (Myers, CPP. 1998)

Actor and Famous Myers-Briggs ISFP Personality Type Brad Pitt has been in the Hollywood spotlight since his arrival in the late 1980s. Even with global attention focused on him, he has always been honest about his feelings and has lived his life freely. He has a history of falling in love with his co-stars and even met his current fiancé Angelina Jolie on the set of their movie Mr. and Mrs. Smith. Some criticized him about the timing of this development, as it overlapped with his divorce proceedings with his now ex-wife Jennifer Aniston, but to Brad Pitt, he was simply following his heart.

MBTI Test ISFP Types are also known for living by a strong core of inner values that is reflected in their outer life. Brad Pitt has also been very active in supporting causes that are dear and important to him with his fiancé Angelina Jolie through the Jolie-Pitt Foundation. They have given millions to organizations in Haiti, Chad, and Sudan, among others, to help the less fortunate. Brad Pitt has also been a strong supporter of embryonic stem-cell research and same-sex marriage, going as far as saying he wouldn’t marry Angelia Jolie until everyone in America is legally able to marry. (Myers, CPP. 1998)

Myers-Briggs® Famous ISFP Personality Type Rihanna

Author: Ilikeriri

Author: Ilikeriri

Myers-Briggs ISFP Personality Types are known for being adaptable and flexible, while still preferring to live in the present. (Myers, CPP. 1998)

Musical superstar and Famous Myers-Briggs ISFP Personality Type Rihanna is one of most popular artist of the last decade. She has been adorned with numerous Grammy Awards, American Music Awards, Billboard Music Awards, and BRIT Awards. One of her strengths is her ability to seamlessly adapt and change her style. Rihanna has transformed everything from her hair to clothing style – and even musical feel – numerous times. This ability to seamlessly change has kept critics on the edge of their seats, and her fans continuously interested.

MBTI ISFP Types are also known for wanting to contribute to people’s health and happiness. Rihanna has been known to give back generously ever since she has become a success. She has performed in numerous benefit shows to raise money for children’s hospitals, Hurricane Sandy relief, and victims of the typhoon in Philippines. She has also given back most generously to her native country, donating millions to the Queen Elizabeth Hospital in Barbados. She also continues to fight to raise awareness and combat HIV/AIDS and help children that are in need. (Myers, CPP. 1998)

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(Myers et al. CPP. 2003)

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